November 2012

Tracks The Stone Roses – Fool’s Gold Share Home Taping is Killing Music That’s what they told us in the 80s. They were, of course, so very wrong. What they meant to say was: “Unfeasibly one-sided and … >>
Tracks R.E.M. – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It Share Finish on a high. I’m not saying this was the best song of the 80s. (It wasn’t even the best REM song of the 80s). I’m definitely not offering … >>
Tracks Pixies – Where Is My Mind? Share From Peter, Paul and Mary to Nirvana in a few simple hops and skips? Easier than you think. Early in 1986, Kim Deal answered the following ad placed by … >>
Tracks Associates – Party Fears Two Share Not a title that makes much sense, until you opt for the less common meaning of "party", where the party in question is Billy MacKenzie, the lead singer with … >>
Tracks Shakin’ Stevens – You Drive Me Crazy Share Here the former stage Elvis and biggest selling singles artist of the decade shows a darker (not to mention hammier) side, a-breaking and entering in a coat he borrowed … >>
Tracks Duran Duran – Save a Prayer Share As much as subsequent single “Rio” has come to symbolise the excess of the music industry, the extravagance of expensive video shoots and the empty show of wealth that … >>
Tracks Madness – Our House Share And now to a section that I was going to call "I love 1982", before I remembered that one of the cuts was from a whole year earlier. So … >>
Tracks World Party – Ship Of Fools Share Eco protest time, with Greenpeace favourite “Ship of Fools”, taken from World Party’s debut album “Private Revolution”. Its a bouncy number, the jollity of the melody and backing vocals … >>
Tracks Billy Bragg – It Says Here Share Bragg's not a fan of nostalgia, by the way, so I hope you enjoyed that on a historical level, and not with misty-eyed thoughts of Thatcher et al. Here's … >>
Tracks Billy Bragg – Between The Wars Share Here’s a man who knows a thing or two about protest songs, and mixing music with politics. Released just before the end of the 84-85 Miner’s strike, the proceeds … >>
Tracks Talk Talk – I Believe In You Share Having started out with the new romantics, by the end of the 1980s Talk Talk had grown into something startlingly different. Gradually self-deconstructing, the band completed their transition from … >>
Tracks The Stranglers – Golden Brown Share "Golden Brown" works on two levels. It's about heroin and also about a girl - Hugh Cornwell A candidate for the best number two hit of all time, "Golden … >>