February 2013

Tracks Senseless Things – Hold It Down Share A track that for some reason I decided to use as my wake up alarm for about two months. Since I had it on cassette single, this meant that … >>
Playlists August 2014: The Indie Disco at the end of the Universe Share
Tracks Sugar – Helpless Share It took the Pixies, borrowing the Hüsker Dü blueprint and bending it to their loudQUIETloud will, to show Bob Mould the way to commercial success. With his new band, … >>
Tracks Lemonheads – Confetti Share Poor Evan Dando, weighed down by all that lovely long hair, barely has the energy to sing or play guitar, let alone sing AND play guitar at the same … >>
Tracks The Boo Radleys – Lazy Day Share Martin Carr tends to be pretty honest about some of his back catalogue, once describing Wake Up Boo! as the most cynical thing he’d ever done. Of I Hang … >>
Tracks Sultans of Ping FC – Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass) Share Bonus edition! In honour of the one-day football tournament I’m currently slogging my guts out at. I'm using this and the John Barnes rap from World In Motion for … >>
Tracks The Wedding Present – California Share Of course, everyone remembers that Boing! was an album by Airhead, and a single by The Wedding Present. One of the 12 they released in 1992 in their monthly … >>
Tracks Airhead – Funny How Share Well, I’ve slipped back a year again (kinda - the single was out in ‘91, the album in ‘92...), but I have my reasons. This one just popped into … >>
Tracks The Sundays – Goodbye Share It's the lovely Harriet Wheeler again. If you don't think she has just the most beautiful voice, you might want to consider booking an appointment with your local ear … >>
Tracks The Jesus and Mary Chain – Far Gone and Out Share Had I been older, perhaps, or at least more rock, art-rock, or punk literate when The Jesus and Mary Chain released Honey’s Dead in 1992 I might have seen … >>
Tracks Curve – Fait Accompli Share Who's this - is it Garbage? Yeah, kinda.
Tracks Moose – Little Bird Share Meanwhile, back in the land of the criminally overlooked were Moose, thrown in the shoegazing bucket because in their very early days, on their first few EPs, waves of … >>