June 2013

Tracks Orbital – Where is it Going? Share If the performance of this track from Orbital's 2012 album Wonky at the 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony doesn't touch you even in some small way, or give you the … >>
Tracks Pulp – Sorted For E’s and Wizz 1995, Glastonbury, Saturday, headlining the main stage, Pulp bring out a new song... >>
Tracks Voxtrot – Wrecking Force Share God, all those songs about how great life is and how happy the singer is, how in love with everything they are, and yadda yadda yadda life is beautiful, … >>
Tracks The Uglysuit – …And We Became Sunshine Share Not in the least bit ugly, if you ask me. Pretty, and sunny, and pretty sunny. The Uglysuit got together as high school friends, formed a band, had some … >>
Tracks New Releases 2013 Share Occasionally I manage to step out of the wallow-pool for long enough to post a new track or two. This is where you'll find any new music that catches … >>
Tracks Film School – Sunny Day Share Sunny here, sunny there, sunny everywhere.
Tracks Röyksopp – Happy Up Here Share Happy up here, happy over there, happy everywhere.
Tracks Grant-Lee Phillips – Good Morning Happiness Share For anyone who has a case of the mondays, here’s Grant-Lee Phillips, several releases into his post-Grant Lee Buffalo, post-post-Shiva Burlesque solo career, and finally writing a song with … >>
Tracks Saint Etienne – I’ve Got Your Music Share If I’d been recording a clip of myself holding up my favourite music for this fan-sourced video, what would I be holding? Pink Moon? Tindersticks’ second album? I really … >>
Tracks The Divine Comedy – At the Indie Disco Share Probably closer to the truth, actually.
Tracks Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight Share This is me most nights, as it happens.
Tracks Dodgy – Staying Out For The Summer Share Still a cracking tune. Still a lousy video. This appears to be the 1995 version of the single - straight in at 19 almost 18 years ago to the … >>