September 2013

Tracks King Biscuit Time – I Walk The Earth Share Hey, it's that Steve Mason again, in transition between life in The Beta Band, and life as a solo artist recording under his own name. Musically, this is more … >>
Tracks Steve Mason – A Lot Of Love How can someone possibly be part of a band that wrote a song like "Dry The Rain" (you know, the one John Cusack plays in High Fidelity) and yet still wind up deep in debt, and even deeper in depression? Baffling. >>
Tracks Peter Gabriel – Digging In The Dirt In 1992, Peter Gabriel released Us, and chose Digging In The Dirt as its first single. To accompany it, a video, complete with claymation like on that other Gabriel song - you know the one, don't you? The CD single is worth seeking out for the beautiful, stripped bare version of Gabriel's follow-up single Steam. >>
Tracks Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep I challenge anyone not to feel, in some way, uplifted by the song and the man. >>
Tracks Richard Hawley – Coles Corner Share Out somewhere beyond sumptuous, such a rich voice, and song-writing that takes you back to some non-specific good old days, the result is somehow contemporary and yet at least … >>
Tracks Graham Coxon – Bittersweet Bundle of Misery Share The second single from the Blur guitarist's fifth and most successful solo album, "Bittersweet Bundle of Misery" is a treasure chest of riffs and pieces that remind you of … >>
Tracks Morrissey – Suedehead Share Suedehead was Morrissey’s debut single; his first release after the break-up of The Smiths. It appeared on Now That's What I Call Music 11, half a copy of which … >>
Tracks Rose Elinor Dougall – Start/Stop/Synchro Share It's no coincidence that after Rose Elinor Dougall and her fellow vocalists left them, The Pipettes swiftly plummeted from pitch-perfect Phil Spector admirers to a sorry papier mâché pastiche … >>
Tracks Jenny Lewis – Rise Up With Fists Share This might be a bit of a cheat, because technically, the album Rabbit Fur Coat is by Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins, rather than Lewis as solo artist, … >>
Tracks Ben Gibbard – Teardrop Windows Share Sometimes it's hard to spot the line that divides the solo work from band material. That's very much the case with Ben Gibbard, who lends his distinctive vocal sound … >>
Tracks Rod Jones – Wonderful Share Singers have it easy: no matter their musical direction and their travelling companions, we already know what they sound like. That thing they do? They're still doing it, just … >>
Tracks Roddy Woomble – Leaving Without Gold Share Given that the solo career tends to happen after the time spent in a band, it's no great surprise to find that the wiser, older solo artist eschews the … >>