November 2013

Tracks Beulah – If we can land a man on the moon, surely I can win your heart Share I'd like to dedicate this song to whoever was responsible for not granting Beulah a work permit to enter the UK and play a London gig about seven or … >>
Tracks Camera Obscura – If Looks Could Kill Share Indie pop passed through a Spectorometer, resulting in greatness.
Tracks James – Hymn From a Village Share This is James before Sit Down made people go all weird on the dancefloor, pre-Laid, pre-Eno, and a whirling, skittering delight it is, too.
Tracks The Flatmates – Shimmer If The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have some Field Mice LPs in their collection, then something - specifically Shimmer - tells me they might just have been listening to the odd Flatmates album as well. >>
Tracks The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Higher Than The Stars Higher Than The Stars is up there with the very best current indie pop. >>
Tracks Aztec Camera – Oblivious Oblivious sees the ever-brilliant Roddy Frame in his younger days. >>
Tracks The Chills – Heavenly Pop Hit I have a feeling I posted the New Zealand masterclass that is Heavenly Pop Hit once before (and a long time ago) but it's comfortably indie and poppy enough to deserve a repeat. Dum de dum dum, dum de dum, it's a heavenly pop hit indeed. >>
Tracks The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing Share
Tracks Northern Portrait – Crazy Share The Smiths-esque, you might say. Also, lots of other stuff-esque. Also, wonderful-esque.
Tracks The Popguns – Waiting For The Winter Share Charmingly scratchy and analogue, enough to make any hipster's heart sing.
Tracks Ambulance LTD – Stay Where You Are Share Proof that even if your debut is practically perfect, it can be hard to overcome that clunky band name you unaccountably saddled yourselves with. One album and then they … >>
Tracks Pernice Brothers – Working Girls Share Deserving of so much more success is Joe Pernice. From his Scud Mountain Boys days through solo work to Pernice Brothers, he's created stacks of beautiful pop like this.