January 2014

News Wild Beasts – Wanderlust Share Why are Wild Beasts still referred to as an "indie rock band"? Better still, how did The Independent recently come to pull "rockers" out of its big book of … >>
News Pixies – Blue Eyed Hexe Share Some people really need to calm down a little and give themselves a moment to get over what they perceive to be the auto-destruction of the Pixies' legacy. Once … >>
News New Releases 2014 Part I Share The music newshound never sleeps, which is how he is able to bring you the most exciting and crucial latest releases at all hours. At least that's what he … >>
News Real Estate – Talking Backwards Judging by Real Estate's new track Talking Backwards, summer will come early in 2014 - Real Estate are set to release Atlas, the follow-up to 2011's Days, on March 3rd in the UK, and March 4th in the US. >>