July 2014

New video Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me Archie, Marry Me is indie-pop perfection: it seems to have sprung out of nowhere, fully formed, all hooks and bubbles and tessellation. >>
Tracks Mac DeMarco – Salad Days Salad Days is sweet lo-fi jangle on a crazy-sounding guitar that's suspiciously bright and breezy for the accompanying lyrics. >>
Tracks Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener Avant Gardener tells the tale of an anaphylactic attack on a hot and otherwise boring Monday and perfectly captures the lazy heat-strained mood with its round and round riff, and Barnett's vaguely indolent, totally not into this delivery. >>
Charts The Alternative Top 40 – Summer 2014 Share Here at <record> <<rewind<< >play> we are proud to now be one of the blogs hosting the Alternative Top 40, run by Universal-Horse. The Alternative Top 40 is a … >>
Tracks Ben Watt – Nathaniel Nathaniel features surprisingly guitar-heavy crunch and a driving beat. It all starts to make sense, though, when you find out that Ben Watt can count Bernard Butler among his collaborators. >>
Tracks Strand of Oaks – Goshen 97 The opening bars of Goshen 97 sound exactly like an early 90s Morrisseey / Dinosaur Jr mash-up. In other words, spectacularly brilliant. >>
Tracks Trwbador – Breakthrough Share When I visited Llandeilo last summer it struck me as a quietly beautiful South Wales town with a really fantastic ice-cream / chocolate / sweet shop and access to … >>
Tracks The Bilinda Butchers – Ume ft. Juri Nakashima The Bilinda Butchers are a shoegazing and dream-pop outfit named after Bilinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine. In Heaven, they have created a concept album about a young Japanese woman and her doomed love. >>
New music Polarsets – Madrid Polarsets' new single Madrid may have an urban name, but it puts you in mind of anywhere that might serve you a cool cocktail on the beach. >>
Tracks Angel Olsen – Hi-Five Hi-Five sounds like classic country rock injected with a heavy dose of fuzz, wit, and angst. >>
New music Jay Woodward – Garden in the Sun Garden in the Sun is a gentle but powerful acoustic meander full of delightful embellishment, touches and sparks. It's hazy and a bit woozy, and wanders down a path you'll want to follow. >>
20 songs New Lands These 20 physically and spiritually transporting tracks will take you to new lands, and blow your mind on arrival. >>