August 2014

Tracks New Order – Blue Monday Blue Monday is a gateway drug of a track - a bridge between the old world of disco and the coming days of rave, and whichever version of it you happen to find to listen to, you don't have to love it to know how important it is. >>
Tracks The Wannadies – You and Me Song You and Me Song is a slice of perfect feelgood Britpop straight out of northern Sweden. >>
Tracks The Cure – The Lovecats Some might feel that The Lovecats is not highly danceable, but that only holds true if you're the sort who believes dancing to be in some way a co-ordinated activity. >>
New music Alex Feder – Moments of Silence There once was a time when I would have worried that Moments of Silence, the new track from Alex Feder, sounded a bit like, I don't know, like pop music I suppose. As the raven quoth: "no more!" >>
Tracks Blur – Song 2 Take a bow, Graham Coxon. And take a bow, Blur, for creating a song that both rules and mocks a whole genre. Kudos! >>
Tracks The Mary Onettes – Lost Lost sees The Mary Onettes at the very top of their game: a driving rhythm pounds along through the verse and into a colossal chorus backed by heavenly synths. Perfect. >>
Tracks Pulp – Common People Not just a Britpop anthem, Common People is THE Britpop anthem. It's a defining moment of a genre, a band's career, and the lives of many fans. >>
News Listen to The Dew Lasts an Hour, by Ballet School A couple of weeks ahead of its release on September 8th (UK) / 9th (US) The Dew Lasts an Hour, the debut album from Berlin-based dream pop group Ballet School, is streaming exclusively on Hype Machine. >>
New video Tara Rice – No Harm No Harm is taken from the recently released EP Panorama by Canadian singer/songwriter Tara Rice. With hints of PJ Harvey, its gothic pagan shadows contain a sinister yet beguiling darkness. >>
Tracks We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices There's nothing quiet about this 2009 debut single from the Scottish indie rock band. >>
News Morrissey announces Autumn European tour dates After the petty to and fro of his label dispute with Harvest, Morrissey today announced the more straightforward matter of an 18-date European tour this autumn. >>
Tracks Queens of the Stone Age – No one Knows Nominated in the "Best Hard Rock performance" category in the 2003 Grammys, No One Knows eventually lost out in that super-important award race to All My Life by Foo Fighters. In other words, a song by Dave Grohl's band beat a song not by Dave Grohl's band, but which is chiefly memorable for Dave Grohl's performance in it. >>