September 2014

New music Dark Train – Sing to You In their sunny south cast hideaway, Lauren Bateman and Marcel Ino combine their respective backgrounds in dance and post-punk and a mutual love of analog synths to produce deliciously moody sounds that are equal parts sinister and intriguing. >>
Tracks of my years Oasis – Supersonic Supersonic hit the charts three places below PJ & Duncan. It was an inauspicious start to a scarcely believable career. >>
Tracks of my years The Boo Radleys – Lazarus Near the end of 1992, The Boo Radleys released a single, Lazarus, that was a world away from the layered obfuscation of Everything’s Alright Forever. 6 minutes long and change, it's eerie, spacey, and builds tension through a thrilling three minute intro. >>
In Depth 1992 – The Loved Albums Having made my choice for 1992's Tracks of my Years playlist, I was hit by a flood of thoughts of what might have been. This was the year that my music collection truly started to begin the burgeon; my purchasing power still lagged behind my curiosity, but as both grew, so did my library. >>
Tracks of my years The House of Love – Feel Babe Rainbow was a beautiful creation, but despite the melancholic splendour of The Girl with the Loneliest Eyes, the anthemic Feel, and the collapsing beauty of Yer Eyes, no-one seemed particularly interested. >>
Tracks of my years Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign Share This is where picking a single song to represent a year starts to get tricky. 1991 wasn't where everything changed for me, but it's a time defined by discoveries, … >>
Tracks of my years The Charlatans – Sproston Green Sproston Green is the last track on Some Friendly, and was said to be lead singer Tim Burgess' favourite Charlatans song at the time. It's the kind of song that sits up and begs to be played at a neighbour or parent-offending volume, and that's generally how I listened to it. >>
Tracks of my years The Stone Roses – She Bangs the Drums She Bangs The Drums became The Stone Roses' first indie chart #1 and their first top 40 hit in July 1989. "The past was yours but the future's mine”, sang Ian Brown, unaware of the brick wall around the corner. Liam Gallagher, the next to let his natural Manchester sounds sheeee-iiine, once chose it as his favourite summer anthem. Sound choice, Liam. >>
Tracks of my years Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis The appeal of Beat Dis lies in its combinations. Samples bounce off one another in endless inventive cycles, and combine with a meaty rhythm section, which results in a track that does a lot more than ape sampling pioneers like Pump Up The Volume. >>
Tracks of my years George Harrison – Got My Mind Set on You How much you'll enjoy listening to Got My Mind Set on You will be determined in no small part by how you feel about the smooth production and distinctive '80s boom and echo of Jim Keltner's drum sound. >>
Tracks of my years David Bowie – Underground In all seriousness, Underground is a glorious pop masterpiece that underperformed, from a film that did likewise. >>
Tracks of my years U2 – The Unforgettable Fire There's a bit about the song at the end, but today's post is really all about Radiohead, Prince, U2 and giving music away for free. >>