October 2014

In Depth How Could They Be Wrong – a Playlist of Mercury Losers Down the years the award panel has handed over-sized cheques to many worthy winners; the shortlist system working as it does means that many credible nominees have failed to land the prize. Or, to put it in media-speak, they have been snubbed. >>
In Depth Emergent Thrumming – a Playlist of Mercury Prize Winners The Mercury Music Prize has been going since 1992, and no matter what the naysayers say (nayingly) it's not without merit, as this selection of tracks from winning albums can testify. >>
New music Belle & Sebastian – The Party Line Stop everything, carefully place valuables and breakables on the nearest level surface, and drop everything else, because Belle & Sebastian have released a first taste of forthcoming album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, that's why! And it does not disappoint. >>
Reviews Jack Adaptor – J’Accuse! It's great to hear old voices doing new things, and doing them as well as Jack Adaptor do on J'Accuse! - with an impressive freshness and intelligence. >>
20 songs There is no Ending What happens if you take the opening track from each of 20 albums and construct a playlist from them, then take the closing tracks from the same 20 albums, and create a playlist out of those, in reverse order from the original playlist? >>
Charts The Alternative Top 40 – Autumn 2014 RRP is proud to be one of the blogs hosting the Alternative Top 40, run by Universal-Horse. The Alternative Top 40 is a great way of discovering music you might not have heard elsewhere. >>
New music Futsu – Mechanical Bride There's a lot to like about Mechanical Bride, the new song from Futsu: the twin vocals; the organ bubbling gently or loudly at all the right times; the, ah, interesting and colourful video. These are all just appetisers to the main dish, however - just feast on that bassline in the chorus, because that is some tasty bass right there alright. >>
Reviews Crocodile – Crocodile Vs. The Mutant Alligators From Space Crocodile Vs. The Mutant Alligators From Space is a five-track EP full of great melodies, often backed with equally great harmonies, played with energy and verve. >>
Reviews Foreign Shores – Alone in Time Alone in Time is the second album from Chicago-based band Foreign Shores. Recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Nick Reuille, it's a beautiful mix of the best of the band's shoegazing and dream pop influences, but at the same time very much their own creation. >>
New music Neighbour – Taste Me Taste Me is the new track from Kettering Britpoppists and dreamy-sound makers Neighbour. Its breathy vocals and an easy vibe that's somewhere between baggy and Britpop give it an early 90s reviving feel. >>
New music Shakes – Life is a Fiction Describing themselves as what happens "when Ghinzu hangs out with Goose", Belgian duo Shakes have got a slinky electro thing going on their debut song Life is a Fiction. Remixes and more songs have been teased... >>
Tracks of my years Belle & Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane Lazy Line Painter Jane itself is undoubtedly the pick of Belle & Sebastian's 1997 EP output, featuring a glorious guest vocal, swirling organs, guitars turned up, and a noise and energy that the band had kept mostly hidden up to this point. >>