November 2014

New music A Right RRP Round-Up #6 A Right RRP Round-up #6 - Featuring pop, psychedelia, and so much more from Azwel, IX, Moving Parts, Phosphene, Valerio Lysander, and Y'all >>
New music A Right RRP Round-Up #5 Round-up #5 features another six artists you might not yet know but might just come to love - Attic Fowler, The Cold Start, The DuskWhales, Macatier, Moonrags & Hoost, and Slight. >>
New music A Right RRP Round-Up #4 Round-up #4 features six more artists you should definitely give a little time to: Arbo, Blak Lyons, Elephant Memoirs, Slopes, Velcro Mary and Voda-i-Ryba. >>
Tracks of my years The Divine Comedy – Love What You Do The Divine Comedy's twenty-first century reboot was both bold and brilliant, but not the commercial success Parlophone had hoped for. >>
Tracks of my years Coldplay – Yellow There are no guilty pleasures: only pleasures. Yellow is one of them. >>
Tracks of my years Blur – Tender Tender was the lead single and opening track on Blur's 6th studio album, 13. Co-written and co-sung by Coxon and Albarn with backing vocals from the London Community Gospel Choir, it couldn't have felt much less Blur. >>
RRP Recommends A Right RRP Round-Up #3 Round-up #3, featuring Braver Than Fiction, The Halfways, Jennie Vee, Magic Bronson, The Mercy Alliance and The Shivers. >>
Tracks of my years Air – La Femme D’Argent The seven-minute instrumental La Femme D'Argent is the first track on Moon Safari. You can't love me ironically, it seems to say, with its funky disco basslines and thoroughly un-modern synthesiser sounds, because I am already too ironic. >>
New music A Right RRP Round-Up #2 My second RRP round-up features OSKAR, Owlle, Something in the Trees, Spirals, Telepopmusik and VYD. >>
New music BC Camplight – Just Because I Love You With Just Because I Love You available to stream, I discover that I somehow managed to miss the fact that BC Camplight had not only signed to Bella Union, but that he also had an album on the way in 2015. >>
New music The Unthanks – Mount The Air Now here's a beautiful thing to brighten up an Autumn or Winter's evening. Mount The Air is the first single from the new album of the same name by The Unthanks. >>
News The House of Love – Plans To celebrate the release of Live At The Lexington 13.11.13, The House of Love are offering an exclusive free download of Plans. Plans appeared as a bonus track on the vinyl edition of She Paints Words In Red, but has never been released digitally before. >>