January 2015

New music New Arcades – Wherever You Are New Arcades came to my attention when they supported Empathy Test at their EP launch gig at the end of November last year. It's an ideal match, with both groups generating gorgeous synth-pop sounds. >>
New music Bronx Cheerleader – Mad Sam is Dead How to describe Mad Sam is Dead? How about indie-slacker-surf-desert-morricone? >>
New music Stornoway – The Road You Didn’t Take 2015 sees a welcome return for Stornoway, first with single The Road You Didn't Take on February 16th, followed in April by a new album, Bonxie. >>
New music Hillström & Billy – The Arising Taken from the forthcoming album The Neverending Paint Job, The Arising is a new track from former one-man band turned musical collective Hillström & Billy. >>
New music Jilk and Haiku Salut – Periscopes "Periscopes" is what happens when "Electro-acoustic ambient post rock" meets "Baroque-pop-folktronic-neo-classical-something-or-other". >>
Playlists New Music round-up #17 New Music Round-up #17, featuring Erica Glyn, Phone Home, and Young Braves >>
New music Chelsea Lankes – Down For Whatever Down For Whatever is a chilled out, laid back paean to living tonight and letting tomorrow do its worst from a soon-to-be former-best-kept-secret. >>
New music Sun Voyager – Be Here Now Be Here Now is low-slung and dirty as hell; these are good times for fans of all things garage/psych/lo-fi. >>
New music Gillbanks – Anxious? Rough guitars, dirty howling vocals, crunching percussion and some well timed loud/quiet/loud make Anxious? the kind of track that you could easily find yourself sticking on repeat and forgetting everything else. >>
New music I, Us, & We – Lanterns Lanterns is another atmospheric creeper underpinned by warm electronica and terrific production, from the forthcoming Mono EP. >>
New music Two Cartoons – Lost Boys Club Lost Boys Club is more evidence that Two Cartoons are a fully-functioning hook machine, building up from a simple verse into bright bursts of chorus and sending it home in style. >>
New Music The Leisure Society – Tall Black Cabins This week's most exciting new release news has undoubtedly been the announcement of the fourth album by The Leisure Society, and a new single "Tall Black Cabins". >>