April 2015

In Depth The Bluetones Reunion – Interview With Adam Devlin Literally a few days after we published a piece on their final album A New Athens, the news came through that The Bluetones had reformed and would tour later this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  Nicola caught up with guitarist Adam Devlin to find out more about the why, the how, and the "will there be tea towels?" of the reunion. >>
New music Urso Polar – It’s Official I Hate Ramsgate It might seem strange for a Brazilian indie-rock group to be singing about a Kentish seaside town, but don't get distracted for too long by that quirky detail - instead be sure to let the energy take you and the lyric charm you, and the mix of jangling and chiming guitars win your heart. It shouldn't be too hard, frankly, because It's Official I Hate Ramsgate is another glorious indie disco whirl from Urso Polar. >>
RRP Recommends Saltwater Sun – Habit on my Mind It shouldn't be possible, really, for a band to appear out of nowhere with a debut track that appears to have been constructed from just the right elements in exactly the right size and quantity, ordered optimally, packaged perfectly and delivered with such style and panache. >>
RRP Recommends New Music Round-up #20 New Music Round-up #20 brings you the best new music from C. Love Detectives, Cartesian Jetstream, Cosby, The Danes, Dot Dash and Inti Rowland. >>
Rediscover Turin Brakes – Dark On Fire Turin Brakes are a band I love dearly, but one that could be referred to as 'Marmite' by other people.  I get the impression that you either love them or you're not that fussed.  This confuses me on some level as they are actually so very talented it's ridiculous. But alas, they do not get the credit or the exposure they deserve, which is why they are a perfect candidate for the rediscovered series. >>
RRP Recommends New Music Round-up #19 New music round-up #19 brings you six more sweet new sounds from Joni Fatora, Life is Better Blonde, Lilith Ai, Hannah in the Wars, Vuurwerk, and Young Empires, >>
RRP Recommends New Music Round-up #18 We've been away. We're back. Sort of. We checked our mail bag; it was overflowing with music. And so begins again the new music round-up, with tracks from Dead Cockroach, Willie J Healey, Janice Prix, Murder Shoes, Summer Heart, and Vanbot. >>
New music Harriet Little – America Recorded in one take, with a tender intimacy, the occasional instrumental creaks that frame America could equally be the sound of a heart breaking, over and over. >>
Rediscover The Bluetones – A New Athens The sixth studio outing from The Bluetones sits very nicely in this category: on its release in May 2010 it didn't even chart in the Top 200. The lack of interest seemed to be the light going out for the ‘Tones as they split for good in October 2011 following a farewell tour. Was this album meant to be the end though? >>
Reviews Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves Eight years on from We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, Modest Mouse return with Strangers to Ourselves. Was it worth the wait, or does it leave fans wanting more? >>
20 songs Piano Day Playlist Share In case you missed it, last Sunday was Piano Day, an idea dreamed up by the supremely gifted Nils Frahm. It was a day for celebrating the grandest of … >>