May 2015

Rediscover Ten Years of JackInABox by Turin Brakes Unbelievably, JackInABox - the third studio album by Turin Brakes - is ten years old this month. In order to give the album a bit of love (and perhaps some well-deserved renewed interest), it was decided that we, the fans, would select and write about our favourite tracks from the album so we can share our thoughts with other lovely Brakes fans via Ether Site. A fitting tribute to a great album. >>
In Depth Music and Memory Share I'm not someone who necessarily looks that deeply into how music is produced or even conceived, although I possibly should bearing in mind that I was studying to be … >>
New music Musique Le Pop – Same About You Share Leaving their homes in the south of Norway behind, the members of Musique Le Pop headed North to write and record new single Same About You. Stopping only when … >>
In Depth Is the single a thing of the past? Is the single a thing of the past?  The choice of single was once extremely important to an artist: it was the hook to get people excited about what was to come so it had to make an impact on the audience.  In the age of streaming and Itunes, thought, is that still the case? >>
New music Trails and Ways – Say You Will Trails and Ways have announced a new track from their forthcoming album Pathology. Say You Will was written by bass player Emma Oppen; the original inspiration for the song came from falling in love with someone almost instantly, to the point of issuing a bold ultimatum: say you will, or don't say anything at all. >>
New music Vanbot – The Way You Say It Vanbot has put out a third track from forthcoming second album Perfect Storm. It is almost, but not quite, a straightforwardly massive slice of euro-synth. And it's that "not quite" that makes The Way You Say It stand out from the competition >>
New music Ella Janes – Mechanical Mind Mechanical Mind is heavenly acoustic folk, built on Janes' pure vocal, with no more instrumentational embellishment than is required from a bit of guitar here, a few notes on the piano there. A superb track from a talent to watch for the future. >>
New music Yukon Blonde – Como Catchy, catchy, catchy. Pretty much sums up the defining characteristic of Como, the new single from Yukon Blonde. Taken from their third album, On Blonde, due out next month, Como is splendidly effervescent indie pop that'll have you checking your list of all-time favourite sun-fuelled anthems. >>
New music Tessera Skies – Out of Sight The members of Tessera Skies have backgrounds in speech, sound, science, classical music and jazz. On their latest single Out of Sight they whip delicate peaks out of those ingredients >>