June 2015

New music Intertwine – We Are Fools For Singing This Song On We Are Fools For Singing This Song, Ekelund's sweet vocals and the soft cries, together with the softly undulating synths and rhythmic bass, provide such warm comfort that you could be forgiven for missing the song's crushing message. >>
RRP Recommends Beach Baby – U R Some bands start off so strong that their early B-sides are later treated with reverence among fans. Perhaps with one eye on this, with U R Beach Baby have taken it one step further with the release of a double A-side that is outstanding whichever way you look at or listen to it. >>
RRP Recommends Kins – Little Dancer Another track taken from Kins' debut EP, Cyclical, Little Dancer is an eight and a half-minute epic. Part menacing rumble, part falsetto, it builds and drops before building again to a savage conclusion of swirls and scrapes. >>
RRP Recommends The Good Life – The Troubadour’s Green Room All aboard for jangly, echoey guitar work and innately melancholy vocals! If you like Real Estate and The Go-Betweens (and a hearty congratulations if you do) then you should find much to love in The Troubadour's Green Room, the latest track to be released from Everybody's Coming Down. >>
RRP Recommends Bang Gang – My Special One My Special One is the new single from Iceland's Bang Gang, the recording project of composer Bardi Johannsson. Directed by photographer and film-maker Taki Bibelas, the song's video soaks My Special One's lush sound in the warming sun, nostalgia-inducing lens flare and super-8; the visuals combine with the melody and piano and orchestral accompaniment to produce a satisfying whole. >>
RRP Recommends The Separators – Shooting Star Shooting Star is taken from Sixes & Sevens. the debut EP from The Separators. They may be young (18, 19 and 20) but there's an impressive assurance to their sound, and the way they're not afraid to let the song develop through different phases, keeping the hooks memorable. >>
In Depth New Turin Brakes Album – Interview with Olly Knights Turin Brakes went back into the studio earlier this year - we spoke to Olly Knights to find out what they've been up to, what to expect from a new album, and what he's been listening to lately. >>
RRP Recommends Why We Run – Ignites Ignites lives in a soothing dream-world that it shares with why We Run's previous release, Comfortable Lie. Nothing here is too hurried; every instrument finds its own musical space - apart from, but tessellating with, every other. The lyrics speak of another world, the melody takes you there. >>
Rediscover Radiohead – The Bends I've read quite a lot of articles recently as The Bends by Radiohead is 20 years old this year.  It has always been an album that I've loved and it was the one that got me into listening to them as a band in the first place.  I didn't think too much about it (apart from how old it made me feel) until a friend of mine sent me a lovely message this week... >>
RRP Recommends Once a Tree – Take Me Once a Tree are Husband and wife duo Jayli Wolf (singer) and Hayden John Wolf (producer and husband), who grew up on the rural West Coast of Canada, some way from their current Toronto home. Take Me is their second release from their Thousand Lives EP. >>
RRP Recommends Philco Fiction – June 17 "This is not the summer of 1992", sings Turid Alida on June 17, the new single by Philco Fiction, wishing for days gone by, days of better weather, better raves, deep house and good times. And while we would caution against romanticising the past, it's impossible not to get swept up in the moment. >>
RRP Recommends Flyte – Closer Together After six months holed up in their rehearsal space and recording studio, Flyte are back with a first taste of their forthcoming debut album. Closer Together showcases Flyte's unerring sense of sparkly indie-pop, this time with added bite. >>