September 2015

The Indie Vigil This Is How It Feels To Be Indie – The Indie Vigil #7 Week #7 of The Indie Vigil brings three more great tracks - one old, one borrowed and one new. This week we have tracks from The Teardrop Explodes, The Fall and The Vryll Society. >>
RRP Recommends Sports – Get Bummed Out Wild, ebullient garage indie-pop deserves a place in everyone's heart. Especially when it's as captivating and distractingly melodious as Get Bummed Out, the new single from Sports. >>
RRP Recommends Mountains of the Moon – Translucent Amber Translucent Amber is the debut release by Swedish folk rock band Mountains of the Moon. As debuts go, it's up there with the loveliest and the warmest. >>
RRP Recommends Wedding – Ruth Ruth is the first track from the self-titled debut EP by Wedding. It's warm and nostalgic, just the way analogue intended. >>
In Depth What Have The 1960s Ever Done For Me? I'd always had this feeling that the 1970s had more influence on my musical soul, and that the '60s were not nearly as well represented in my music collection. On (lengthy) reflection, that might not be the case. >>
RRP Recommends Swerve – Everything As everything develops, a little extra riff gets added here, a harmony is dropped in there, and new vocal melodies are found here, there and everywhere. >>
RRP Recommends Cavalry – Soak Atmosphere. By God there's some of it floating around at the start of Soak, the new track from Liverpool's Cavalry. >>
RRP Recommends Butterfly Child – Lost in These Machines Share For anyone into the melodic end of the shoegazing and dream pop spectrum, the sound of Lost in These Machines - a new track from Butterfly Child - dropping … >>
RRP Recommends Lila Rose – This Could Be Ha On This Could Be Ha, Lila Rose plays it intense once more, with another dramatic and fierce single and cinematic video. >>
RRP Recommends Spectres – Spectre Here's "not the Spectre theme" by "not Sam Smith". I'm sure we can all agree that it would have made a better choice. >>
RRP Recommends Cheatahs – Signs to Lorelei Cheatahs have shared Signs to Lorelei, a new track from their forthcoming second album, Mythologies, due out at the end of next month. >>
RRP Recommends Mainland – Not As Cool As Me From the opening words - "Girl you suck!" - it's pretty clear where Not As Cool As Me is going, emotionally speaking. And goes and goes, and doesn't let up. >>