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For help with creating and managing lists and groups, read on…


Creating a new list

To create a new list, pick a year and go to the "Start Here" section of that year's page, and click "Create a new list".

OK, so only 2015 is available right now, but I'll be adding other years in future...

Adding albums to your list

Start typing the name of an album or artist. As you type, a list of search results matching what you've typed will appear below (or above). To add an album to your list, either click on it in the list, or use the up and down arrows to select the album and then press enter. The albums come from the Discogs library. Don't worry if an album appears more than once in the search results: generally it doesn't matter which one you click, and the first entry is usually the safest.

Adding albums not found by the search

I've tried to set the search up so it finds the widest set of albums, but occasionally an album won't appear in the list. This is a bit of a pain, but you can add extra albums in the second search box. To add an album in this box, you need to type the full artist name and album title, with a space, then a hyphen, then another space between the artist name and album title. For example, type:

The Beatles - Abbey Road


The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

If you update your list later any albums you added in this way will appear in the top search box with all your other selections. Most of the time we'll be able to find the right artwork for your album. Occasionally artwork won't automatically be found, but we'll review any missing images from time to time to keep our library as complete as possible.

Lists must contain at least 5 albums (I mean, it's not much of a list otherwise, is it?). Lists can contain a maximum of 100 albums.

Changing the order of albums in a list

When you have added enough albums to your list, click the "Sort" arrow or "Next step (sorting and saving your list)". You'll be given a list of the albums that you have just added to your list. To change the order, click on an album in the list and drag it up or down. Release the mouse button to drop the album in its new position.

Saving a new list

When you are happy with the order of the albums in your list, click the "Finish Up" arrow.

Fill in the form fields, and click "Save". Some html tags are allowed in your lists description, and we will edit out profanity.

The Album Of The Year app can generate a thumbnail image based on your selections. This image will appear as a header image on your list's page, and when you share your list on social media.

You can create this thumbnail at any time after creating your list, but you won't be able to change it after it's been created, so it's best to make sure you're happy with your selections before ticking the box to create the thumbnail.

If the save is successful, you'll be given a link to your list. Please be patient while the app whirs away in the background to save your list and check we have as many album cover images as we can find.

An email will be sent to you with information on what you need to do if you want to update your list later. Check your spam folder if your email doesn't seem to have arrived, and archive it to a nice safe place for future reference when it does.

You can create and save as many lists as you like. At least until someone comes along and abuses this, and we decide we need to limit the number of lists each user can create.

Viewing a list

To check out your list, follow the link that appears when you save the list. You'll see a grid of your albums, ranked from 1 to however many albums are in your list. We don't have album covers for all the albums in our database, so you might see a few placeholder images, but we're working on that, and will continually be adding album covers.

Comparing your list

Some sites aggregate lists from other publications. Some sites allow you to create your own lists. Only Record Rewind Play allows you to create a list and then compare it against lists from industry websites, blogs, record labels and independent record stores. Scroll down from your list to the "Compare" section to see whose lists are most like yours.

In case you're surprised by the outcome, we feel obliged to point out that our matching algorithm has been certified by at least one person qualified to A-level mathematics standard as being "probably good enough not to be obviously wrong very often".

Sharing your list

To share your list click on any of the social media sharing icons between your list description and the list itself. We'll add more icons in future, and according to demand. To share using just the url, copy and paste the short url provided.

Updating a list

To update a list go to your profile page click "Edit" next to the list title. You can add albums, remove albums, resort and change the name and description as many times as you like.


To create and manage your groups go to the "Start Here" section, and click "Create a new Group" or "Edit a Saved Group".

Creating a group

Type a name for your group, give it a description, and click "Save Group". You'll be given a link to your group and a group code that you can use to invite people to their lists to your group. (Don't forget to add a list of your own to your group...)

Inviting people to add their list to your group

To invite others to add their lists to your group, you'll need to share the group code with them. You'll be given a group code when you create a list, and you can find it later from your profile page and on your group's page (no-one else will see the group code here, just you). When sharing the code, copy and paste it exactly as it is shown.

Adding your list to a group

If a group owner has shared a group code, you can use this code to add your list to their group. Edit your list, and enter the group code in the "Add list to a group" input box before saving.