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The table shows the closest 5 matches from the end of year lists in our database. Results go from left to right in decreasing order of how similar a list is to this published list.

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Overall RankIdolatorMuuMuseNoiseyMashableFringe Music Fix
1Grimes - Art Angels712531
2Emilie Nicolas - Like I'm a Warrior250+ - - - - -
3Justin Bieber - Purpose5171538 - -
4Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION1051326
5Adele - 25192 - - 10 -
6Years & Years - Communion97 - 9 - - 40
7Björk - Vulnicura9 - - 32204
8Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly1 - - 11 -
9Kate Boy - One250+ - - - - 32
10Troye Sivan* - Blue Neighbourhood91 - 6 - - -

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How the overall rank is calculated

Our scoring system for the overall ranking is designed to provide just the right combination of big rewards for appearing high up in any list, with a little something thrown in for the consistent performers. Points are awarded as follows:

1st: 50pts2nd: 42pts3rd: 36pts4th: 30pts5th: 25pts6th: 22pts7th: 20pts8th: 18pts9th: 16pts10th: 15pts11th: 14pts12th: 13pts13th: 12pts14th: 11pts15th: 10pts16th: 9pts17th: 8pts18th: 7pts19th: 6pts20th: 5pts21-30: 4pts 31-40: 3pts 41-50: 2pts 51+: 1pt
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