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Playlists Albums of the Year playlist, 2014 I was tempted to call this playlist "The Arkhive", making use of a clever pun based on it consisting of two tracks from each of my favourite 25 albums of the year, but sense prevailed. >>
Retrospective RRP’s favourite albums of 2014 / Part 1: #25 to #6 Well it wasn't easy, but in the end I managed to pare a longlist of around 100 albums down to a list of 25 of the very best 2014 had to offer. Part 2 follows tomorrow. >>
Playlist Sounds of 2014 This is not one of those lists like you see everywhere else at this time of year (though there may yet still be an RRP round-up of the year's finest). It's more of a ramble, in playlist form, through some of the year's highlights. >>
New music Astronauts release new EP – “Four Songs” Having made the happy mistake of writing slightly too many brilliant songs to fit on one album, Dan Carney has taken four compositions that didn't fit onto Hollow Ponds and turned them into the Four Songs EP. >>
New music Astronauts – In My Direction Share Something new and pretty tasty from Lo Recordings here. Astronauts is a new project from Dan Carney, whose previous bands include Dark Captain (and Dark Captain, Light Captain, although … >>
Tracks New Releases 2014 Part 2 Share And still the new music keeps on coming... This one ought to take us through the next few months, maybe up to the end of the year even, depending … >>