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Reviews Cheatahs – Mythologies In its first incarnation, shoegazing scarcely existed as a scene outside its own bubble. Now it's undergoing a great renaissance, and Cheatahs are one of a clutch of new bands taking it, and you, to remarkable new heights. >>
RRP Recommends Cheatahs – Su-Pra At the same time steady and droning but also wildly oscillating and dissonant, Su-Pra is a glorious noise-feast. >>
RRP Recommends Cheatahs – Signs to Lorelei Cheatahs have shared Signs to Lorelei, a new track from their forthcoming second album, Mythologies, due out at the end of next month. >>
RRP Recommends Cheatahs – Seven Sisters Seven Sisters is the first release from Mythologies, the forthcoming second album by Cheatahs. The band's self-titled debut just slipped into our Top 10 albums of 2014, and as a first taste of the follow-up Seven Sisters does not disappoint. >>
Playlists Albums of the Year playlist, 2014 I was tempted to call this playlist "The Arkhive", making use of a clever pun based on it consisting of two tracks from each of my favourite 25 albums of the year, but sense prevailed. >>
Retrospective RRP’s favourite albums of 2014 / Part 1: #25 to #6 Well it wasn't easy, but in the end I managed to pare a longlist of around 100 albums down to a list of 25 of the very best 2014 had to offer. Part 2 follows tomorrow. >>
Tracks Cheatahs – Cut The Grass Share Consider this a shoegazing playlist bonus: a London band bringing to life the glorious moment when Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fanclub went on a massive pub … >>
Playlists February 2014: Shoegaze if you want to Share Originally coined as a barbed description of the on-stage style of Moose frontman Russell Yates, shoegazing soon became a loose catch-all for bands playing in a particular style in … >>