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Six Picks Bank Holiday Summer is nearly over, but this weekend represents one last chance to get the barbecue and brolly combo going, or spend half a day bickering on the way to a seaside town they forgot to close down. Enjoy! >>
Playlists Romantic Roulette Come, play romantic roulette with us now. Hit shuffle and prepare to improvise romantic moments around tunes from the likes of Ballboy, Arab Strap, The Frank and Walters, Minnie Riperton, The Beautiful South, Nick Drake, Joan as Police Woman, and - of course - The Magnetic Fields. >>
Tracks Dodgy – In a Room Share Unlike Supergrass (see yesterday’s track) Dodgy were never quite able to discard the off-the-wall approach of The Dodgy Album and move into more serious territory with later albums. That … >>
Playlists May 2014: Don’t You Forget About Me In which I root around in the bin marked 'classics I've just ignored until now for one reason or another'. >>
Tracks Dodgy – Staying Out For The Summer Share Still a cracking tune. Still a lousy video. This appears to be the 1995 version of the single - straight in at 19 almost 18 years ago to the … >>
Playlists June 2013: Where’s the summer? Share Summer is an awesome time. Unless you're painfully introverted, in which case it can be hell, only hotter. Stay indoors and revel in the sunshine and happiness from the … >>
Tracks Dodgy – Water Under The Bridge Share The Dodgy Album was a favourite of mine during the spring and summer of 1993. For all the britpop and 60s revivalist revisionist nonsense that gets spouted about some … >>
Playlists March 2013: And the 90s beat goes on Share I feel, as Travis sang, "tied to the 90s": another month stretches out before me and still here I am, back in the land of my youth, fairly shoegazing, … >>