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News Empathy Test and Vivien Glass Jura Demons tour Long-time RRP favourites Empathy Test have joined forces with Vivien Glass for the Jura Demons tour. With a couple of dates already under their belts, June and July will see the two bands criss-crossing the UK, with support from local acts. Read on for tour details and tracks from both bands. >>
Playlist Sounds of 2014 This is not one of those lists like you see everywhere else at this time of year (though there may yet still be an RRP round-up of the year's finest). It's more of a ramble, in playlist form, through some of the year's highlights. >>
New music Empathy Test – Here is the Place With Here is the Place Empathy Test continue their perfect early run of synth-pop, making another bid for the future glory that will surely be theirs to claim. >>
New music Empathy Test – Throwing Stones Taking the tempo down just a touch from the tracks on Losing Touch, Throwing Stones keeps the same gorgeous wraparound sound. The slower pace allows Adam Relf's synths to linger just a little bit longer, while flickering sounds dance around Isaac Howlett's confident vocals. >>
Tracks New Releases 2014 Part 2 Share And still the new music keeps on coming... This one ought to take us through the next few months, maybe up to the end of the year even, depending … >>
News Empathy Test sign record deal, new EP on the way… Share As a huge fan of Empathy Test's debut EP Losing Touch, released in February this year, I was pretty excited to hear the news this week that the duo … >>
News Empathy Test – Losing Touch EP Share Empathy Test are two lifelong friends - singer and songwriter Isaac Howlett, and digital composer Adam Relf. United by a love of Science Fiction, together they've created an EP … >>