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Playlists Albums of the Year playlist, 2014 I was tempted to call this playlist "The Arkhive", making use of a clever pun based on it consisting of two tracks from each of my favourite 25 albums of the year, but sense prevailed. >>
Retrospective RRP’s favourite albums of 2014 / Part 2: #5 to #1 And so to the business end of the "Albums of 2014" countdown. Without, as they say, further ado… >>
Playlist Sounds of 2014 This is not one of those lists like you see everywhere else at this time of year (though there may yet still be an RRP round-up of the year's finest). It's more of a ramble, in playlist form, through some of the year's highlights. >>
In Depth How Could They Be Wrong – a Playlist of Mercury Losers Down the years the award panel has handed over-sized cheques to many worthy winners; the shortlist system working as it does means that many credible nominees have failed to land the prize. Or, to put it in media-speak, they have been snubbed. >>
New video King Creosote – Something to Believe In Something to Believe In is the opening track from King Creosote's 2014 album From Scotland With Love. As beautiful as it is moving, it is accompanied by footage from the documentary film of the same name, for which the album was created. >>
Tracks New Releases 2014 Part 2 Share And still the new music keeps on coming... This one ought to take us through the next few months, maybe up to the end of the year even, depending … >>