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Six Picks Moon Super, smashing great. Only one of these describes a recent moon, but all of them can be applied to this week's six picks, featuring Neil Young, Belly, Nick Drake and more... >>
Six Picks A-Levels Today was A-level results day across England, Wales, & Northern Ireland. Here are some words of advice (good and bad), ruminations, and consolations to distract you from wondering why only girls seem to have received their results... >>
20 songs Piano Day Playlist Share In case you missed it, last Sunday was Piano Day, an idea dreamed up by the supremely gifted Nils Frahm. It was a day for celebrating the grandest of … >>
20 songs Give up, but don’t give in Give up the ghost, but don't give up your day job. Give out but don't give up, give in, give over, give it away give it away give it away now. I'm a change giver, giving all my love to you - it's a given. Shay Given. It's lent, and apparently I've stopped making sense during these fast times. Must be the come-down. >>
Playlists Romantic Roulette Come, play romantic roulette with us now. Hit shuffle and prepare to improvise romantic moments around tunes from the likes of Ballboy, Arab Strap, The Frank and Walters, Minnie Riperton, The Beautiful South, Nick Drake, Joan as Police Woman, and - of course - The Magnetic Fields. >>
20 songs There is no Ending What happens if you take the opening track from each of 20 albums and construct a playlist from them, then take the closing tracks from the same 20 albums, and create a playlist out of those, in reverse order from the original playlist? >>
20 songs Start Again It's all indie tweeted yesterday about a list of great opening tracks that they put together in July. There are some gooduns on their list, but it inspired me to go one better. And then another three more so it would fit into my 20 songs series. >>
News First authorised Nick Drake biography to include 10″ of five unreleased songs Share Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of his death, the first authorised biography of Nick Drake is to be released this November. "Remembered for a While" will be released in … >>
20 songs Every Second Counts Share The 20 songs series has done long and dreamy, now it's going to try its hand at short and spiky. All the tracks in this playlist are under two … >>
20 songs Hey Good Weather Share The sun came out and I thought it would be a good time to kick off a new project... The aim of "20 songs" is to compile a playlist … >>
Tracks Nick Drake – Time of no Reply Share Ah, continuity... As one month ends, another begins, and as we were at the end of one, so we are at the start of the next. Having seen May … >>
Playlists June 2014: trinkets, b-sides and lullabies B-sides, rarities, non-album tracks, alternate versions - the tracks that bands and labels forgot, or mysteriously tucked away in a corner, out of view. >>