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The Indie Vigil This Is How It Feels To Be Indie – The Indie Vigil #8 Week #8 of The Indie Vigil brings you more greatness, old, borrowed and new. This week we have tracks from The Levellers, Oasis and The Struts. >>
Six Picks As Seen On TV With David Letterman recently signing off after over thirty years on The Late Show, now seems like a good time to celebrate a few great, terrible, interesting or awkward musical TV appearances. >>
In Depth We’re putting the band back together… Share The Blues Brothers happens to be one of my all-time favourite films and I love the premise of Jake and Elwood putting the band back together again for one … >>
Tracks of my years Oasis – Supersonic Supersonic hit the charts three places below PJ & Duncan. It was an inauspicious start to a scarcely believable career. >>
Playlists September 2014: Tracks of my Years 41 tracks (because, maths and stuff) of varying degrees of cheesiness and significance, from classic rock to indie pop, and no doubt some straight up pop along the way, too. >>
Tracks Oasis – Cloudburst Share The first surprise is that I'm posting an Oasis song. The second surprise is that it's so soon in the month (rather than tucked away quietly somewhere in the … >>
Playlists June 2014: trinkets, b-sides and lullabies B-sides, rarities, non-album tracks, alternate versions - the tracks that bands and labels forgot, or mysteriously tucked away in a corner, out of view. >>
News Oasis to re-release Definitely Maybe for 20th anniversary Share That secret Oasis announcement teased on Facebook yesterday? No, not a reunion, but a reissue of Definitely Maybe to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The new version will be remastered, … >>