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Six Picks Spies There's nothing underhand or tricky about today's six picks: no invisible ink, no dead drops, not even a pair of eye-holes cut into the page of a newspaper. No code to decypher, just six great songs about spies and their art. >>
Playlists Romantic Roulette Come, play romantic roulette with us now. Hit shuffle and prepare to improvise romantic moments around tunes from the likes of Ballboy, Arab Strap, The Frank and Walters, Minnie Riperton, The Beautiful South, Nick Drake, Joan as Police Woman, and - of course - The Magnetic Fields. >>
20 songs There is no Ending What happens if you take the opening track from each of 20 albums and construct a playlist from them, then take the closing tracks from the same 20 albums, and create a playlist out of those, in reverse order from the original playlist? >>
20 songs Start Again It's all indie tweeted yesterday about a list of great opening tracks that they put together in July. There are some gooduns on their list, but it inspired me to go one better. And then another three more so it would fit into my 20 songs series. >>
Tracks Pulp – Common People Not just a Britpop anthem, Common People is THE Britpop anthem. It's a defining moment of a genre, a band's career, and the lives of many fans. >>
Tracks Pulp – Cocaine Socialism Share Originally released as the b-side to "A Little Soul", "Cocaine Socialism" eventually wound up on a Pulp album when it was included in the re-issued and expanded This is … >>
Playlists June 2014: trinkets, b-sides and lullabies B-sides, rarities, non-album tracks, alternate versions - the tracks that bands and labels forgot, or mysteriously tucked away in a corner, out of view. >>
Tracks Pulp – After You Share I so nearly forgot this one. A lost classic swept up from the We Love Life studio floor, "After You" was reborn a decade after it was abandoned, first … >>
Playlists December 2013: 31/13 Share My take on the obligatory end of year run-down. Not necessarily the 31 best tracks or singles of the year, or tracks from the 31 best albums of the … >>
Tracks Pulp – Sunrise Share Confession: I was going to finish this playlist with another Pulp song, Bar Italia, but as evocative as that song is, it's messy and in the gutter. And if … >>
Tracks Pulp – Sorted For E’s and Wizz 1995, Glastonbury, Saturday, headlining the main stage, Pulp bring out a new song... >>
Playlists June 2013: Where’s the summer? Share Summer is an awesome time. Unless you're painfully introverted, in which case it can be hell, only hotter. Stay indoors and revel in the sunshine and happiness from the … >>