Richard Hawley Archive

Musical Advent Richard Hawley – Born Under a Bad Sign Born Under a Bad Sign is Hawley at his simple, elegant peak. That is to say, Hawley going about his business as usual: effortlessly enriching. >>
Mystery Mixtapes The Musical Advent Calendar of Mystery The Musical Advent Calendar: like a regular advent calendar, only more music-based, more mysterious, and way more fun. >>
In Depth How Could They Be Wrong – a Playlist of Mercury Losers Down the years the award panel has handed over-sized cheques to many worthy winners; the shortlist system working as it does means that many credible nominees have failed to land the prize. Or, to put it in media-speak, they have been snubbed. >>
Tracks Richard Hawley – Coles Corner Share Out somewhere beyond sumptuous, such a rich voice, and song-writing that takes you back to some non-specific good old days, the result is somehow contemporary and yet at least … >>