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News St. Vincent also won a Grammy the other night, you know Say, did you hear that St. Vincent won the Grammy award for Best Album That Kanye Isn't Pissed About the other night? >>
Playlists Albums of the Year playlist, 2014 I was tempted to call this playlist "The Arkhive", making use of a clever pun based on it consisting of two tracks from each of my favourite 25 albums of the year, but sense prevailed. >>
Retrospective RRP’s favourite albums of 2014 / Part 2: #5 to #1 And so to the business end of the "Albums of 2014" countdown. Without, as they say, further ado… >>
Charts The Alternative Top 40 – Summer 2014 Share Here at <record> <<rewind<< >play> we are proud to now be one of the blogs hosting the Alternative Top 40, run by Universal-Horse. The Alternative Top 40 is a … >>
Tracks St. Vincent – Birth in Reverse Given the massive PR effort that went into the release of the album St. Vincent in February, it's unlikely that many people will have missed Birth in Reverse, but with something this good it's best not to take chances. >>
Live set Watch St.Vincent’s full Live on Letterman Set After a concerted promotion campaign and rave reviews for her self-titled album earlier in the year, St. Vincent has been (relatively) quiet for a few months. Last night, all that changed. >>
Monthly playlist July 2014: ICYMI – I Know IMI I don't always pick up on something the minute it's released. Even when I do, I might not write about it. This playlist will hoover up a few songs I missed from earlier in the year. >>
Reviews St. Vincent – St. Vincent Share I'll make this easy for you: Annie Clark's fourth solo album recording as St. Vincent has received almost universally good reviews; I'm not about to buck the trend. St. … >>
News Stream the new St Vincent album Share It's been hard to avoid the seemingly ubiquitous Annie Clark over the last few weeks. A hectic promotional schedule has seen her playing fashion shows, ruminating on social media, … >>
Tracks St. Vincent – Digital Witness Share I don't want to give the impression that the point of "Digital Witness" has just soared somewhere over my head, but I've already liked the video on Youtube, made … >>
News New Releases 2014 Part I Share The music newshound never sleeps, which is how he is able to bring you the most exciting and crucial latest releases at all hours. At least that's what he … >>