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The Indie Vigil This Is How It Feels To Be Indie – The Indie Vigil #15 Your 15th edition of The Indie Vigil features tracks from Suede, Vampire Weekend, and Peace. >>
In Depth Emergent Thrumming – a Playlist of Mercury Prize Winners The Mercury Music Prize has been going since 1992, and no matter what the naysayers say (nayingly) it's not without merit, as this selection of tracks from winning albums can testify. >>
Tracks of my years Suede – Picnic by the Motorway Picnic By The Motorway is not one of the poppy, "attractive in an obvious sort of way" songs on Coming Up. It's probably the least new-Suede song on the album. And yet it was one of the first songs that Oakes and Anderson wrote together. >>
Tracks Tracks of my Years Part 2 Behold! Part 2 of my attempt to pluck a single song from each of the years 1974-2014 and hold it up as an example to the world of what might be. Or at least what was, roughly speaking, going on in my musical world at the time. >>
Tracks Suede – He’s Dead Share As was the way with Suede during their fecund early years, ‘He’s Dead’ would have been good enough for most bands to include on an album, perhaps even release … >>
Playlists June 2014: trinkets, b-sides and lullabies B-sides, rarities, non-album tracks, alternate versions - the tracks that bands and labels forgot, or mysteriously tucked away in a corner, out of view. >>
Tracks Suede – It Starts and Ends With You Share For every cynical music fan (for there are many) wary of cynical cash-in reunions (for there have been many), let Bloodsports be the exception that jumps up on the … >>
Playlists December 2013: 31/13 Share My take on the obligatory end of year run-down. Not necessarily the 31 best tracks or singles of the year, or tracks from the 31 best albums of the … >>
Tracks Suede – Animal Nitrate Share Just listen to that intro! Feel its velvety charms. And the rest? A crunching verse, and a chorus they apparently stole from Dixon of Dock Green; an incongruous transposition. … >>
Playlists October 2013: back to the 90s. Again. Share For was it not Danny McNamara of Embrace who said: Come back to what you know And so it is that I am back in the era that saw … >>
Tracks Suede – My Insatiable One Share Just a B-side...
Tracks Suede – The Drowners Share Yadda yadda Bowie yadda yadda glam. Whatever. Meaningless comparisons really, when all you need to consider is that Suede (The London Suede to you, statesiders) pitched camp in pretty … >>