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Playlists New music playlist 2015//11 The new music playlist for week 11 - another week of free downloads, new releases and album previews, from debutants and old hands alike. >>
New Music Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better Should Have Known Better could be any number of classic Sufjan moments that achieve the same mood and emotional impact. At the same time, however, it's fresh, new and beautiful in its own unique way. >>
Playlists New music playlist 2015//08 New music playlist 2015//08 sees the return of Sufjan Stevens, Public Service Broadcasting out on the floor, Beach Baby introduce themselves in magnificent style, Damn Vandals getting angry, Absofacto dissolving, Attic Fowler in the sunshine, The Hanging Stars repurposing Alan Lomax, and Hinemoa being generally wonderful. >>
New music Sufjan Stevens – No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross marks a welcome return for his understated folk. Who knows what the rest of Carrie & Lowell will bring, but judging by this first taste, it won't be bringing disappointment. >>
Musical Advent Sufjan Stevens – Hey Guys! It’s Christmas Time! Share
Mystery Mixtapes The Musical Advent Calendar of Mystery The Musical Advent Calendar: like a regular advent calendar, only more music-based, more mysterious, and way more fun. >>
Tracks Sufjan Stevens – Come on! Feel the Illinoise! When Sufjan Stevens told everyone he was going to write an album for every US state, it seemed like a tall order, but not necessarily an impossible quest for such a prolific artist. First came Michigan in 2003; Illinois followed in 2005. At this point his attention seems to have strayed. >>
Playlists April 2014: Not actually my top 30 albums 30 songs at a rate of one song per album, at a rate of one album per artist in my top 30 artists according to >>
Tracks Sufjan Stevens – That Was The Worst Christmas Ever Share I hope, like me, you had a wonderful Christmas. This one is for anyone who wasn't so fortunate.
Tracks Sufjan Stevens – Christmas In The Room Share The only downside to Sufjan Stevens' prodigiously epic Christmas output is that you sometimes have to pan through incidental instrumentals and throwaway studio jams to find the stunning highlights. … >>
Tracks Sufjan Stevens – I’ll Be Home For Christmas Share In which a WWII soldier, writing to his family back home, tells them he'll be home for Christmas, adding poignantly: "if only in my dreams". This 1943 standard has … >>