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The Indie Vigil This Is How It Feels To Be Indie – The Indie Vigil #6 Week #6 of The Indie Vigil features tracks from Inspiral Carpets, The Bluetones, and Ash. >>
The Indie Vigil This Is How It Feels To be Indie – The Indie Vigil #3 Week #3 of The Indie Vigil features tracks from The Bluetones, John Butler Trio and Ground Pilots. >>
The Indie Vigil This Is How It Feels To Be Indie – The Indie Vigil #1 The Indie Vigil is a segment on a brand new show on Radio Scarborough. AKA 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Just For You', it features three indie songs submitted by a listener to host Adam Jeffery.  Each week, we'll be posting the three tracks. >>
Playlists The Bluetones Anniversary Jukebox As you probably know from previous articles I've written, The Bluetones are celebrating their 20 year anniversary this year by touring the UK in September.  As a small tribute to one of my all-time favourite bands (and the one I no doubt ramble on about the most), I decided to run a poll on Twitter and Facebook to find the fans favourite tracks so I could make an ultimate playlist. >>
In Depth The Bluetones Reunion – Interview With Adam Devlin Literally a few days after we published a piece on their final album A New Athens, the news came through that The Bluetones had reformed and would tour later this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  Nicola caught up with guitarist Adam Devlin to find out more about the why, the how, and the "will there be tea towels?" of the reunion. >>
Rediscover The Bluetones – A New Athens The sixth studio outing from The Bluetones sits very nicely in this category: on its release in May 2010 it didn't even chart in the Top 200. The lack of interest seemed to be the light going out for the ‘Tones as they split for good in October 2011 following a farewell tour. Was this album meant to be the end though? >>
In Depth We’re putting the band back together… Share The Blues Brothers happens to be one of my all-time favourite films and I love the premise of Jake and Elwood putting the band back together again for one … >>
Tracks The Bluetones – If… Share I’m sorry, Bluetones, I really am. From barely controlled excitement at best ever debut album by a British band in my lifetime Expecting to Fly via a confused relationship … >>
Playlists May 2014: Don’t You Forget About Me In which I root around in the bin marked 'classics I've just ignored until now for one reason or another'. >>
Tracks The Bluetones – Slight Return Share In what now seems like a fit of over-exuberance, at the time of its release I awarded Expecting to Fly the unofficial mantle of best new album, album of … >>
Playlists October 2013: back to the 90s. Again. Share For was it not Danny McNamara of Embrace who said: Come back to what you know And so it is that I am back in the era that saw … >>