The Strokes Archive

Mystery Mixtapes Mystery Mixtape #1 Featuring Doves, James, Sparklehorse, Grandaddy and a dose of Hed Kandi, carbon dating reveals the first mystery mixtape out of the pile to have been crafted towards the end of 2001 or sometime in early 2002. >>
20 songs The Foolingest Playlist Ever Fools rush in, work (along with horses), fall in love, think it's over, and think themselves wise. Also, they provide for an eclectic playlist. >>
20 songs There is no Ending What happens if you take the opening track from each of 20 albums and construct a playlist from them, then take the closing tracks from the same 20 albums, and create a playlist out of those, in reverse order from the original playlist? >>
20 songs Start Again It's all indie tweeted yesterday about a list of great opening tracks that they put together in July. There are some gooduns on their list, but it inspired me to go one better. And then another three more so it would fit into my 20 songs series. >>
Tracks The Strokes – Reptilia In Reptilia, Room on Fire gets the best track of the first two albums by The Strokes thanks to its glorious sweeps in and out of bass, guitar, and the bridge into Julian Casablancas' distorted chorus. >>
Tracks The Strokes – Last Nite Share Not everyone was bringing back the camp-fire vibe in 2001. (See yesterday's track from Kings of Convenience) At the same time a New York band were making a concerted … >>
Playlists May 2014: Don’t You Forget About Me In which I root around in the bin marked 'classics I've just ignored until now for one reason or another'. >>