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RRP Recommends Turin Brakes – 96 There was much excitement last week among Turin Brakes fans, when the band dropped a teaser video online with the hashtag #TBLostProperty. Then, this week, they announced a new album, Lost Property, and a new single, 96. >>
In Depth Turin Brakes Interview – Olly Knights talks about new album “Lost Property” Back in June I left you in suspense with just a few choice questions that I had selected from an interview I had done with Olly Knights from Turin Brakes. Well, the time has come to let you in on the full interview piece as it seems that news on their next album is about to break. >>
Six Picks Surprise Surprise! Bet you didn't predict this week's six picks, eh? Enjoy six of the best from Ballboy, Belle and Sebastian, Kristin Hersh, Turin Brakes, Radiohead, and The Folk Implosion. >>
In Depth New Turin Brakes Album – Interview with Olly Knights Turin Brakes went back into the studio earlier this year - we spoke to Olly Knights to find out what they've been up to, what to expect from a new album, and what he's been listening to lately. >>
Rediscover Turin Brakes – Dark On Fire Turin Brakes are a band I love dearly, but one that could be referred to as 'Marmite' by other people.  I get the impression that you either love them or you're not that fussed.  This confuses me on some level as they are actually so very talented it's ridiculous. But alas, they do not get the credit or the exposure they deserve, which is why they are a perfect candidate for the rediscovered series. >>