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Album of the Year Album Of The Year 2016 See what critics, web sites, journalists, bloggers and magazines rate as Album of the Year 2016, then make your own list. >>
Reviews Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves Eight years on from We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, Modest Mouse return with Strangers to Ourselves. Was it worth the wait, or does it leave fans wanting more? >>
Reviews Big Data – 2.0 Big Data, an all-star collaborative electronic music project helmed by producer Alan Wilkis, uses flashy electronics with a dark thematic tone. Big Data portrays a world of paranoia, and 2.0 is its first full length release; does the music live up to the concept? >>
Reviews The Bright Light Social Hour – Space Is Still The Place Share Tagsblues rockindieindie rockpsychedelicreviewsArtistsThe Bright Light Social HourThe Bright Light Social Hour have been rocking Texas in some shape or form since 2002. The members met as college students at … >>
Reviews Will Butler – Policy Share TagsreviewsArtistsWill ButlerWill Butler's debut LP, Policy, absolutely screams Arcade Fire. It's no coincidence: Will is a founding member of the indie rock band and brother of frontman Win Butler. … >>
Reviews Purity Ring – another eternity Share TagselectroelectropoppopreviewsArtistsPurity RingFormed in 2010, Purity Ring are a Canadian duo that uses electronic beats and exceptional lyrics that fit right in with other synth pop acts such as Goldfrapp, … >>
Make the world a better place, create your legacy, write for RRP If you've been thinking recently about how cool it would be to be a part of a growing music site that cares more about quality and less about being the first to half-ass a regurgitated collage of press releases they found in their inbox over breakfast, you could be exactly the writer I'm looking for. >>
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Album Of The Year Album Of The Year 2015 See what critics, web sites, journalists, bloggers and magazines rate as the best albums of 2015, then make your own list. >>
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