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Track of the Day Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground Share In the wake of Portishead and the Bristol sound came a new wave of post-trip hop artists, expanding the genre into newer areas, whether it wanted to go there … >>
Track of the Day Billy Bragg - Between The Wars Share Here’s a man who knows a thing or two about protest songs, and mixing music with politics. Released just before the end of the 84-85 Miner’s strike, the proceeds … >>
Track of the Day The Cure - In Between Days Share Today's video is brought to you by Goths Against Motion Sickness (GAMS). Goths just can't stand motion sickness (I think it's the motion aspect that they find troubling), abhorring … >>
Track of the Day Billy Bragg - It Says Here Share Bragg's not a fan of nostalgia, by the way, so I hope you enjoyed that on a historical level, and not with misty-eyed thoughts of Thatcher et al. Here's … >>
Track of the Day Queens of the Stone Age - No one Knows Nominated in the "Best Hard Rock performance" category in the 2003 Grammys, No One Knows eventually lost out in that super-important award race to All My Life by Foo Fighters. In other words, a song by Dave Grohl's band beat a song not by Dave Grohl's band, but which is chiefly memorable for Dave Grohl's performance in it. >>
Track of the Day Dubstar - Stars Share How Dubstar seem to have fallen so far outside our collective consciousness I cannot explain. Disgraceful might have seemed like an uneven album at the time of its release, … >>
Track of the Day The Sundays - Summertime Share It's really hard to find novels about the music industry that aren't entirely populated by sleazy scumbags you wouldn't wish on your worst enemies. Disconcertingly, the more you read … >>
Track of the Day Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is Share The same week that Paul Simon's album Graceland, partly recorded in Apartheid-era South Africa and featuring South African musicians, entered the album charts, another new entry would include a … >>