In Depth

In Depth 1992 – The Loved Albums Having made my choice for 1992's Tracks of my Years playlist, I was hit by a flood of thoughts of what might have been. This was the year that my music collection truly started to begin the burgeon; my purchasing power still lagged behind my curiosity, but as both grew, so did my library. >>
Tracks of my years U2 – The Unforgettable Fire There's a bit about the song at the end, but today's post is really all about Radiohead, Prince, U2 and giving music away for free. >>
In Depth The best albums ever, maybe. Then again … Share It’s the best ever, it’s the critics favourite, it’s the GOAT[1], it’s The Queen Is Dead, the 1986 album by The Smiths that was kept off the top spot … >>