NewsEverything you need to know about that new Adele single

By | posted on 23rd October 2015

Happy Global Adele Release Day everyone!

ICYMI (somehow), here's what I learned from Twitter over the course of an hour or two this morning. Adele is:

  • You know who
  • Back (with a serious bang)
  • Sounding triumphant (vocally)
  • Mourning a failed relationship
  • Doing a good interview
  • A mum (but album about that scrapped because boring)
  • Not in the new Smashing Pumpkins video (for some strange reason)
  • Still using a flip phone
  • Not Beyoncé
  • Funnier than Aziz Ansari (unconfirmed)
  • Silly

"Hello" is:download Moonlight movie

  • [her] first single in three years
  • Here
  • New
  • Brand new
  • Among today's big new releases
  • First single from new album 25
  • Quite something (isn't it?)
  • A rather tasty comeback
  • Striking, witty and lovelorn
  • Black-and-white
  • Sepia (obv)
  • Unveiled
  • Moving
  • Epic
  • Cinematic
  • Meeting expectations (possibly)
  • Some tear-jerker (aw)
  • Now available to buy
  • Out TODAY!
  • A pretty big tune (x2)
  • Evocative
  • Pretty wonderful
  • Amazing (along with other stuff)
  • Bloody good (actually)
  • Not a Lionel Richie cover (but still pretty good)
  • Weird
  • zou even goed een oude kunnen zijn

Here's the video in case you need to confirm any of the above: