Auteurs Day

Auteurs Day The Auteurs – How I Learned to Love the Bootboys Share "Of course I love the old songs, from New Wave to Murder Park" sings Luke Haines on "Future Generations", from the fourth (we weren’t expecting another one...!) album by … >>
Auteurs Day The Auteurs – After Murder Park Share After the relative failure of Now I’m A Cowboy, and the irrepressible surge of Britpop, it’s tempting to describe After Murder Park as more of the same, only more … >>
Auteurs Day The Auteurs – Now I’m a Cowboy Share “If you possess the wrong kind of ambition, you fall between the cracks”, Luke Haines opines with the final sentence of Chapter 10 of "Bad Vibes", the first part … >>
Auteurs Day The Auteurs – New Wave Share “What makes you ashamed to be British?” asked Select Magazine of each of its cover stars in the now infamous ‘Yanks Go Home!’ edition in May ‘93. Luke Haines, … >>
One Band One Day Auteurs Day New Wave is 21 today. To celebrate this momentous occasion I am giving myself over - for better or for worse - to the uncompromising snarl and dark mind of Mr Luke Haines for the day, in order to spend some time working through the studio albums of his don't-call-them-britpop band The Auteurs. >>