Teenage Fanclub Day

Album review Teenage Fanclub - Shadows Shadows could be described as music to drift away with, next to a warming fire, a glass of single malt placed nearby. Doesn't that sound wonderful? >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - Man-Made Man-Made is the fading Autumn light to the summer picnic of the albums before it: not so much an album of happiness, but an album of longing. >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - Howdy! Familiarising myself with Howdy! once again I feel like perhaps I judged it too harshly on its release. Listening now it feels fresher and more intriguing than I thought at the time. >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - Songs From Northern Britain Share For all the supposed narrative peddled (on these pages and elsewhere) about how Thirteen was seen as a disappointing follow-up to Bandwagonesque, and Grand Prix suffered as a consequence, … >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix With Grand Prix it's as if Teenage Fanclub have had their crisis talks, been through the awkward raising of issues, bickered about who trod on whose toes, and hammered out what it really is that they want to do. >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - Thirteen Critically underappreciated on its release, Thirteen was not the triumphant breakthrough that the response to Bandwagonesque had suggested would be on its way from Teenage Fanclub. It's biggest crime - it's only crime really - was to be Bandwagonesque with a hair-cut and a shave. >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque When you're supposed to be writing a review of one of your favourite albums of all time, and you end up just listening to it, lost in thought, and realise you're just going to have to play it once more and maybe, just maybe this time you'll have enough brain for both. >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - The Peel Sessions The Peel Sessions EP captures Teenage Fanclub at a cross-roads between the murk of A Catholic Education and the gleaning glam leanings of Bandwagonesque. >>
Album review Teenage Fanclub - A Catholic Education Two immediate yet contradictory impressions of Teenage Fanclub's debut album A Catholic Education: it doesn't really sound quite like the band they would later become; it does contain one of their defining moments in Everything Flows. >>
One Band One Day Teenage Fanclub Day At the end of 1993 I saw Teenage Fanclub play one of the greatest gigs of my life; in 2000 I saw Teenage Fanclub play one of the greatest encores of my life. And in 2014 I'm spending a whole day listening to nothing else. >>