The National Day

The National Day The National - Exile Vilify Share Having spent the whole day listening to and reviewing albums by The National, it would seem like a horrible mistake if I couldn't, just this once, bend the rules … >>
Album review The National - Trouble Will Find Me Share The trouble with The National is that they are so well-defined, so clearly themselves, so consistent that you could point a newcomer to a couple of songs - a … >>
Album review The National - High Violet Share There’s a smoothness to High Violet that never existed on Alligator, and which was hinted at on Boxer. After that last album, of course, The National were moved from … >>
Album review The National - The Virginia EP Share I hope I’m not getting the timeline wrong here, or even just being cynical, but an album made up of demos, unreleased tracks and live versions, released after a … >>
Album review The National - Boxer Share Compared to previous albums by The National, there’s a calm flow to Boxer that was previously absent. The pace is largely more consistent, but control also comes from the … >>
Album review The National - Alligator Share Part of the joy of being a music fan / nerd / bore is that from time to time you get a kick out of introducing a new band … >>
Album review The National - Cherry Tree Share Waiting expectantly for a full and proper follow-up to Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers we happen upon Cherry Tree; a bit more than an EP in the old-fashioned sense, … >>
Album review The National - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Share Just before the end of "Slipping Husband", the second track of The National’s second album Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, Matt Berninger loses it in a very, well, a … >>
Album review The National - The National Share From the perspective of 2014, in which The National are slick, big-selling, Sydney Opera House playing purveyors of gently tumbling emotional trauma clothed in studio velvet, the sound of … >>
One Band One Day The National Day Share I hadn't really paid much attention to The National before a friend gave me Alligator on CD. I was instantly hooked, and easily reeled in by the smoky seduction … >>