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Tracks Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al Share While this piece of lyrical wonder was settling into its top 10 berth, Nick Berry was number 1 with "Every Loser Wins", a song not even written for a … >>
Tracks Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind Share There’s a brilliance and a genius at the heart of the Pet Shop Boys that for whatever reason some people didn’t like to acknowledge. In the music, the art … >>
Tracks Kirsty MacColl – There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis Share So there I was, trying to figure out how to segue from The King of Rock "n" Roll, and at the same time thinking it was about time we … >>
Tracks Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Share Another mondegreen for a name, or so some sources would have you believe, with singer-songrwiter Paddy McAloon supposedly mishearing a line from the song “Jackson” ("We got married in … >>
Playlists May 2014: Don’t you forget about me Share
Tracks Lightning Seeds – Pure Share August 1989: Shakespear's Sister are breaking into the top 10 with their debut single "You're History". At the same time, a man better known for his production work has … >>
Tracks The Smiths – Shakespeare’s Sister Share It's too easy, really, to connect Joy Division to The Smiths. You could start in Salford, home of Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, and the Salford Lads Club, which The … >>
Tracks Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart Share It's a pretty small jump from Crowded House to Joy Division. You just need to take a diversion via Paul Young, obviously. Not only did Young cover Don't Dream … >>
Tracks Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over Share Having hinted at it yesterday, I did think I'd hold out for longer before pulling this one out, but perhaps I can use it as the start of a … >>
Tracks The Go-Betweens – Spring Rain Share In a world that fully embraces Crowded House (who might just crop up later this month, you never know...), it's mystifying that a band like the Go-Betweens should pass … >>
Tracks The Housemartins – Happy Hour I've decided November is to be 80s month, and although I'm a day late with the first video, this gives me a chance to dedicate the first track to office drones everywhere. >>
Tracks November 2012: The 1980s, Part I Share Ah, the 80s: that most magically neon of decades, that shiniest, glitteriest, poppiest of times. The decade in which, musically speaking at least, I was born, and found my … >>