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RRP Recommends Strange Talk - When It Feels So Good When It Feels So Good is a shining, pumping, pulsating dancefloor moment with its eyes and mind on the past and its ears very much in the future. >>
RRP Recommends The Lonely Together - Congregation I want to somehow convey here the idea that Congregation, the new single from The Lonely Together, sounds and feels so very of its place (that place being Scotland) and in many ways strongly reminiscent of other bands of that place while at the same time asserting its pure brilliance... >>
The Indie Vigil Watch Full Movie Si 3 (2017) Week #12 of The Indie Vigil brings you more greatness, old, borrowed and new. This week we have tracks from The Wonder Stuff, Longpigs, and The Sherlocks. >>
News Field Music add US tour dates, announce Commontime preorder Having recently shared The Noisy Days Are Over, the first track from their forthcoming fifth album together, Field Music's Brewis brothers have now made the album available for pre-order and added US tour dates to their 2016 tour. >>
RRP Recommends Turin Brakes - 96 There was much excitement last week among Turin Brakes fans, when the band dropped a teaser video online with the hashtag #TBLostProperty. Then, this week, they announced a new album, Lost Property, and a new single, 96. >>
In Depth Turin Brakes Interview – Olly Knights talks about new album “Lost Property” Back in June I left you in suspense with just a few choice questions that I had selected from an interview I had done with Olly Knights from Turin Brakes. Well, the time has come to let you in on the full interview piece as it seems that news on their next album is about to break. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #5 Inspired by a survey I took earlier, I bring you a final six music submissions for Super Subs Week, with each described in three words. >>
Album review Cheatahs - Mythologies In its first incarnation, shoegazing scarcely existed as a scene outside its own bubble. Now it's undergoing a great renaissance, and Cheatahs are one of a clutch of new bands taking it, and you, to remarkable new heights. >>
Six Picks Spooky Six spooky sounds for Halloween, featuring: Bauhaus, The Dream Syndicate, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Screaming Lord Sutch, Baron Daemon, and entire town's worth of spooks... >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #4 I have six more music submissions for you right here, ranging from folky singer-songwriterness to alt-rock, to blues rock, to 80s-style pop goodness. >>
The Indie Vigil Watch Movie Logan (2017) Week #11 of The Indie Vigil brings you more greatness, old, borrowed and new. This week we have tracks from New Order, Flaming Lips, and Alt J >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #3 We're already just over / just under the half-way mark in Super Subs Week, depending on whether you count the weekend as a subset of or adjunct to the week. Either way the prime music submissions just keep on coming. >>