Playlist The Bluetones Anniversary Jukebox As you probably know from previous articles I've written, The Bluetones are celebrating their 20 year anniversary this year by touring the UK in September.  As a small tribute to one of my all-time favourite bands (and the one I no doubt ramble on about the most), I decided to run a poll on Twitter and Facebook to find the fans favourite tracks so I could make an ultimate playlist. >>
Playlist Mystery Mixtape #1 Featuring Doves, James, Sparklehorse, Grandaddy and a dose of Hed Kandi, carbon dating reveals the first mystery mixtape out of the pile to have been crafted towards the end of 2001 or sometime in early 2002. >>
Playlist Is the single a thing of the past? Is the single a thing of the past?  The choice of single was once extremely important to an artist: it was the hook to get people excited about what was to come so it had to make an impact on the audience.  In the age of streaming and Itunes, thought, is that still the case? >>
Playlist Piano Day Playlist Share In case you missed it, last Sunday was Piano Day, an idea dreamed up by the supremely gifted Nils Frahm. It was a day for celebrating the grandest of … >>
Playlist New music playlist 2015//13 The new music playlist for week 13 covers another pretty fantastic week of new releases across the usual wide spectrum of styles and sounds: from electropop to indie rock, from electronica to freak folk, RRP has you covered. >>
Playlist Happiness is hard to pin down Last Friday was International Day of Happiness. In case you missed it while you were doing your best to stay ahead in the nasty, brutish, but never quite short enough rat race I've put together a playlist to act as a sort of seven-day delayed cure for the common chore. Anyway, how bad can work be? Everything is cool when you're part of a team... >>
Playlist New music playlist 2015//12 The new music playlist for week 12 - another week of free downloads, new releases and album previews. Everything from Mew to UUMA, from The Black Ryder to Active Child. And a whole bunch in between. >>
Playlist New music playlist 2015//11 The new music playlist for week 11 - another week of free downloads, new releases and album previews, from debutants and old hands alike. >>
Playlist New music playlist 2015//10 The new music playlist seems to get better each week. Can this trend continue indefinitely? I'll be a quivering wreck by the end of the year if it does... >>
Playlist New music playlist 2015//09 New music playlist 2015//09 sees return appearances on RRP from Lanks and Life in Film, the first but unlikely to be the last appearance from FMLYBND, and new music from Max And The Moon, Andrea Balency, Lois & The Love, and Pale Honey >>
Playlist New music playlist 2015//08 New music playlist 2015//08 sees the return of Sufjan Stevens, Public Service Broadcasting out on the floor, Beach Baby introduce themselves in magnificent style, Damn Vandals getting angry, Absofacto dissolving, Attic Fowler in the sunshine, The Hanging Stars repurposing Alan Lomax, and Hinemoa being generally wonderful. >>
Playlist New music playlist 2015//07 The new music playlist for week seven is an absolute belter, featuring the dreamy sounds of Summer Heart and Parrot Dream, darkness and foreboding from Marika Hackman, high quality indie disco fare from Girl Friend and Kid Astray, and exciting new electronica from Apidae and Eternal Death. >>