PlaylistAugust 2013: Home songs from abroad

NeilBy | posted on 29th July 2013

Songs of home, songs about the UK, homecoming songs, after a month in which I spent some time with family and friends in the UK.

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Track of the Day Elbow - Station Approach Share We start August's playlist, naturally enough, with a journey home, and a sweet and tender song about making that journey. It's the opening track from Elbow's third and should-have-been-the-breakthrough … >>
Track of the Day Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream of Trains Share TagsacousticdreamfolksurrealAnother day, another train journey, this time in the company of the latter day Syd Barrett: Robyn Hitchcock. Here, the Cambridge surrealist offers up a typically dreamy world, and … >>
Track of the Day Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Patio Song Share Tagsfestive 50WelshThe lovely Patio Song, from the lovely Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, from their album "Barafundle", named after a bay in south Wales. I was there last month, and guess … >>
Track of the Day Blur - For Tomorrow Share TagsbritpopAn obvious choice for today - after many years and near misses, this evening I'll finally get to see Blur play live. They don't get more English than this … >>
Track of the Day Morrissey - Everyday is Like Sunday Share Happy talking, talking happy talk... win yourself a cheap tray... Share
Track of the Day Doves - Kingdom of Rust Share TagsleftyliveHere's Doves performing a very tidy acoustic version of Kingdom of Rust in front of the third largest steerable dish radio telescope in the world (aka the Lovell Telescope, … >>
Track of the Day Doves - Winter Hill Share TagslivepromsAnd as a Friday Doves bonus, here they are at the electric proms performing Snowden and Winter Hill. I used to live near Winter Hill; it was a lovely … >>
Track of the Day Frank Turner - Wessex Boy The Buttercross, The Railway, Jewry Street... who'd have thought such locations as these would be immortalised in song? I mean, really. This is Winchester. Nothing much happens here apart from the Hat Fair and a never-ending programme of city-center roadworks. >>
Track of the Day Delays - Nearer Than Heaven Share TagsbritpopindieSouthamptonSouthampton's finest? The only problem with this otherwise perfect song is that I've been using it as an alarm for so long that every time I hear the intro … >>
Track of the Day Camera Obscura - Break It To You Gently Share Something a little bit wonderful: the secret life of the shopping trolley, as brought to you by the video for Camera Obscura's new single, "Break It To You Gently". … >>
Track of the Day Camera Obscura - Let’s Get Out of This Country Share Tagscathedral cityindie-popScottishtwee2 for one Tuesday: today's deal is on sumptuous Scottish indiepop 🙂 Share
Track of the Day I Am Kloot - Not A Reasonable Man Share TagsliveA beautiful live version of one of I Am Kloot's many finely crafted vignettes. Nice to see a suitably respectful quiet from the crowd. Presumably some noise has been … >>
Track of the Day Public Service Broadcasting - Dig For Victory Share TagsnostalgiasamplewarSome stirring Sunday nostalgia to savour courtesy of Public Service Broadcasting. Raiding the national archive for their War Room EP, here they rework a Ministry of Information and Ministry … >>
Track of the Day Belle & Sebastian - The Stars of Track and Field Share Hello Basingstoke, hello HMV, hello listening post. At their worst, listening posts only encouraged a lazy sort of music purchasing strategy; the amount of effort given to assessing an … >>
Track of the Day The Jam - The Eton Rifles Share TagsclassEtonprotestpunkRed WedgetoffsHello, hooray, what a nice day! Is it OK for me to like this? Should I ask Paul Weller for permission? I think he'd be alright about it, … >>
Track of the Day Gene - Sleep Well Tonight Like The Eton Rifles, Sleep Well Tonight is a tale of dust-ups and differences; this time it's not class warfare as such, more the small-town mindset versus anything that dares to act different, think different, be different. >>
Track of the Day PJ Harvey - The Last Living Rose Share TagsEnglandwarSince her 1992 debut, Dry, PJ Harvey has variously been raw and angry, scratchy and angry, a lover scorned by Nick Cave on their duet Henry Lee (they also … >>
Track of the Day The Smiths - The Queen is Dead Share Tags80sindiesarcasmTake me back to dear old blighty... It begins with a World War I music hall number about returning home from the front, interrupted by feedback and drum rolls, … >>
Track of the Day Aztec Camera - Good Morning Britain Share TagscollaborationAztec Camera plus Mick Jones, formerly of The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite: an above average combination. Wikipedia claims that before Stray Roddy Frame's lyrics were the subject of … >>
Track of the Day Sunrise Pulp - Sunrise Share TagslifelivereformedConfession: I was going to finish this playlist with another Pulp song, Bar Italia, but as evocative as that song is, it's messy and in the gutter. And if … >>