PlaylistTracks of my Years Part 2

NeilBy | posted on 15th October 2014

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Tracks of my years Tindersticks - Tiny Tears Tiny Tears is the crowning moment of the orchestral feast that is Tindersticks' second album: strings have seldom wept so sweetly, or contrasted so dramatically as here with Staples' gravel-tones and the warbling organ. >>
Tracks of my years Suede - Picnic by the Motorway Picnic By The Motorway is not one of the poppy, "attractive in an obvious sort of way" songs on Coming Up. It's probably the least new-Suede song on the album. And yet it was one of the first songs that Oakes and Anderson wrote together. >>
Tracks of my years Belle & Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane Lazy Line Painter Jane itself is undoubtedly the pick of Belle & Sebastian's 1997 EP output, featuring a glorious guest vocal, swirling organs, guitars turned up, and a noise and energy that the band had kept mostly hidden up to this point. >>
Tracks of my years Air - La Femme D’Argent The seven-minute instrumental La Femme D'Argent is the first track on Moon Safari. You can't love me ironically, it seems to say, with its funky disco basslines and thoroughly un-modern synthesiser sounds, because I am already too ironic. >>
Tracks of my years Blur - Tender Tender was the lead single and opening track on Blur's 6th studio album, 13. Co-written and co-sung by Coxon and Albarn with backing vocals from the London Community Gospel Choir, it couldn't have felt much less Blur. >>
Tracks of my years Coldplay - Yellow There are no guilty pleasures: only pleasures. Yellow is one of them. >>
Tracks of my years The Divine Comedy - Love What You Do The Divine Comedy's twenty-first century reboot was both bold and brilliant, but not the commercial success Parlophone had hoped for. >>