Tracks of my years The House of Love - Feel Babe Rainbow was a beautiful creation, but despite the melancholic splendour of The Girl with the Loneliest Eyes, the anthemic Feel, and the collapsing beauty of Yer Eyes, no-one seemed particularly interested. >>
Track of the Day The House of Love - Pink Frost Share I think I've explained the demise of The House of Love in enough detail in previous posts (nutshell: drugs, egos, bust-ups and bus stops), but it's always worth reminding … >>
Track of the Day James - Government Walls Share At a time when most people were discovering James through "Sit Down", I was not the exception to the rule. There they were, Easter holidays 1991, on Top of … >>
Track of the Day Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Patio Song Share The lovely Patio Song, from the lovely Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, from their album "Barafundle", named after a bay in south Wales. I was there last month, and guess what? … >>
Track of the Day Catherine Wheel - Crank Share Last but not necessarily least, and first on my list of bands seen live, here’s Catherine Wheel, with Rob Dickinson (cousin of Iron Maiden’s Bruce) leading it out in … >>
Track of the Day James - Born of Frustration Share Another day, another month, another cassingle. Much maligned as a format, and often bettered, but what is a boy to do when he doesn’t have either a CD or … >>
Track of the Day The House of Love - You Don’t Understand Share Great lost albums #488: Babe Rainbow by The House of Love, a crashing disappointment for Fontana, peaking at #34. Four singles, four flops. "Feel" (#45) and "You Don't Understand" … >>
Track of the Day The House of Love - I Don’t Know Why I Love You Share So much music, so little time. So without further ado, I present The House of Love guide to blowing it: Place an ad, form a band, give it a … >>