RRP Recommends Lila Rose - This Could Be Ha On This Could Be Ha, Lila Rose plays it intense once more, with another dramatic and fierce single and cinematic video. >>
RRP Recommends Shmohawk - Everything I Want Is Nothing I Can Own Full of Big Star / Teenage Fanclub jangle and hooks and a timeless sound, Everything I Want Is Nothing I Can Own is a delight from start to finish, never more so than in the simple progression around the misplaced confession "I'm not worthy of your love" at the song's heartfelt center. >>
New music Red Cabin - Patterns Patterns is a new track from Red Cabin, the recording project of Long Island singer-songwriter and producer Jon Foster. It follows a debut album, Right This Way, in 2014, and previous singles Wander, I Feel Better and Blind Echoes. Hints of the offbeatness of The Shins and BC Camplight filter through what is an impressive release. >>
RRP Recommends Marriage Material - Fresh Air Fresh Air is the first release from Marriage Material. Taken from their eponymous debut EP, released in May, it's a delicious indie-pop moment that takes twee female vocal indie-pop and re-imagines it bigger, bolder, better. >>
New music Annalibera - Love in a Recession Love in a Recession is the first track from Annalibera since the release of their rightfully acclaimed and stunning debut album Nevermind I love You. Recorded during the album sessions, it lies musically somewhat apart from the album material, but is every bit as wonderful. >>
New music Stillwave - From Here From Here is the third single from Stillwave ahead of their soon-to-be-recorded debut album. Recorded at the Mailmen Studios in Utrecht, From Here continues where previous single Tarmac Plains left off: melodic darkness and dark melodies wrapped in distinctive warm vocals that occasionally surprise with their lightness, sometimes shock with operatic force. >>
New Music Goldbirds - Giving Up Proving that man cannot live on, or write about, brooding electropop alone, here come London's Goldbirds, crash-landing in the middle of everything with their second single, Giving Up. >>
New music Holy '57 - Island Kids Island Kids is a new track by Holy '57, a project from London-based Alex Mankoo. Setting the city aside for four minutes, he creates a cocktail-sipping, hazy, lazy sun-dipping vibe. >>
New music Angus Dawson - Out Of My Hands Out of My Hands is a cool, dark Australian electro-moment from Angus Dawson. The Perth, WA producer has put this out between playing the Music Matters Live festival in Singapore and heading across to Europe to write new material. >>
New music NÉONHÈART - Comatose NÉONHÈART are a two piece electronic group from Los Angeles. Their debut single is called Comatose. You don't know it yet, but you're about to fall deeply in love with it. >>
New music Joy Atlas - Dismount Dismount is the beguiling debut future-pop single from Joy Atlas. One for fans of everything wonderful and effervescent. >>
New music Ella Janes - Mechanical Mind Mechanical Mind is heavenly acoustic folk, built on Janes' pure vocal, with no more instrumentational embellishment than is required from a bit of guitar here, a few notes on the piano there. A superb track from a talent to watch for the future. >>
New music Harriet Little - America Recorded in one take, with a tender intimacy, the occasional instrumental creaks that frame America could equally be the sound of a heart breaking, over and over. >>
New music Wisht Hounds - Wild in City Hailing from the same windswept Dartmoor environment as their mythical namesakes, Wisht Hounds are a new alt-pop outfit consisting of Ella Edmondson and Rollo Smallcombe. They are, thankfully, a much more comforting proposition than those yell-hounds of yore >>
New album Depth & Current - Believe Believe is the new album from Oklahoma noise rock / shoegaze outfit Depth & Current. Released at the end of February, it's an eight-track explosion of dark noise and heavyweight shoegazing cut through with occasional moments of true 'gaze beauty. >>
New single Seagoat - Comfort Girl If you like your electronica a little bit trippy, with synthesised strings popping in and out, gentle keyboard lilts and soft vocals occasionally heading heavenwards, then Comfort Girl is definitely one for you to add to your collection. >>
New music Titanics - Terrain Terrain is a new single from Albany, NY duo Titanics. It's a sublime slice of something hovering gently at the intersection of electropop and indie-pop. Or, as the band themselves say, "tranquilpop". >>
New music Ryan - Vice Vice is a new track from Boston, MA song-writer and producer Ryan. It's a downtempo affair (post trip-hop?) complemented by the mis-match between the tracks cool, laid back aura and Martin Short's frantic Innerspace antics used in Vice's video. >>
New music Evil Astronaut - E26 As well as a part of the trans-European road network that connects Hamburg to Berlin, E26 is the title of a new track from Evil Astronaut. That the two share the same name is no coincidence. >>
New music Language of Shapes - Light On Light On is one of those tracks that bubbles away in the background for years before finally becoming fully formed. The chorus dates back about five years, but it's been well worth waiting for all the shapes to assemble themselves in exactly the right order. >>
New music The Kindling - Television Static Dreams Television Static Dreams is the slow-creeping new single from slowcore minimalists The Kindling. Sparse percussion meets an intense lyric, softly delivered, while reverberating guitars hovering ominously in the background. >>
New Music Idea the Artist - I Just Love You I Just Love You is the second of three releases before the release of The Seafloor. In places dark and foreboding, it's lifted by the clarity of Beltranena's classically trained vocals. >>
New music Polar Bear & King - Rosehip Wrapped safely in warm falsetto, Rosehip is a slowly blossoming flower feeling the first rays of Spring sunshine before finally bursting into life at the song's tumultuous crescendo. >>
Album review Lucha - The Long Winter Lucha is a two-piece band from Austin, Texas, creating interesting and absorbing soundscape using unusual instrumentation and found sounds. The Long Winter is their first release. In only five tracks, three of which are barely two minutes long, they offer the possibility of entire sonic worlds. >>
New music Jason Nolan - Brush Social Club Brush Social Club features some pretty special interplay between Nolan's looped, echoey vocals, the gentle buzz of the bass, and lush orchestration that makes sporadic, dramatic appearances. >>
New music Nicholas James Mallins - If I Were King Share "If I Were King" is the debut single by Manchester-based solo artist Nicholas James Mallins, due out on March 9th. It's the first part in a triptych of tracks … >>
Free download Lanks - Hold Me Closer Hold Me Closer is an electro-guitary triumph that somehow seems to gather layers, pace and intensity with every beat, while still retaining a sense of space and a still center. >>
New music Meeka Kates - The Waves While listening to this magnificently chilled track from Meeka Kates just now I lost all sense of time and space, finding myself carried further and further away on each wisp of The Waves. >>
New music Why We Run - Comfortable Lie Comfortable Lie is a superb debut that bides its time before revealing its hand, switching effortlessly from the song's easy-going drifter-like start into a burst of intensity near the end. >>
New music Lilt - Don’t Tell Me Lilt's latest single, Don't Tell Me, doesn't let the quality dip, and takes the emotional intensity to new heights. >>
New music Hinemoa - Running Amongst The Stars Running Amongst The Stars is an acoustic-folk dream that flits effortlessly between two time signatures, capturing at the intersections the near-silence of the distant night sky. >>
New music Phantom Runners - Laserbeam Laserbeam is their first release of the year from Phantom Runners, bring you a summer's day in mid-February with its laid-back rhythms, guitar bursts and soft meadow-breeze harmonies. >>
New music LA84 - So So Happy There's an exuberance running right through So So Happy, the first release from new alt-duo LA84. >>
Album review Peter Levics - October October is the third release in the 12 month suite cycle by instrumental duo Peter Levics. On the eight pieces that together make up October there are worlds without, worlds within. That so much could come from such a simple set-up is an impressive feat. >>
Album review Lull - Dead Or Alone From the moment the title track kicks in to the last moments of gentle feedback of Bubble Tea, this three track EP from Lull is a heavy, crunching, distorted, woozy fifteen minutes of shoegazing and noise-pop heaven. >>
New music Pathos, Pathos - The Heart and the Hunter The Heart and the Hunter will be appearing on the debut EP from Pathos, and if the rest of the tracks have anything like this level of hook-heavy fun, melody and sunshine harmonies then it's set to be something pretty special. >>
New music Stillwave - Tarmac Plains If you like heavy, driving, but melodic rock that sounds like the result of a genetic splicing experiment using Interpol and iLikeTrains as inputs, carried out in a shoegazing laboratory (I know - who doesn't like that?) then Tarmac Plains will be right up your street. >>
New music First Ghost - Shaking London, Ontario's First Ghost self-identify rather modestly on their Facebook page as "Rock/Pop/Emo". Judging them on the basis of Shaking alone, I'd say they were more "indie-rock/college rock/good times and fun riffs". >>
New music Goodbye Stranger - Why Reduce Yourself There's something hypnotic in the repeated lyric ("Why reduce yourself like that?") and as the bass walks you through to the safe haven of the outro, all is calm, all is well. >>
New music Lazy Salon - Halo Hand Lazy Salon produce atmospheric instrumentals of all stripes. Halo Hand is a seven-minute psych-out, noise-pop and drone affair, best enjoyed staring up at the sky >>
New EP Sisters on Wire - Sisters on Wire Sisters on Wire are a Lithuanian trio who have just released their self-titled debut EP. Very generously, they've made it available on Bandcamp on that good old 'name your price' deal. >>
New album Patkus - The Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo The Gospel Book of Archbishop Ebbo is an intriguing three track EP of not-quite-ambient, not-quite-post-rock from Philadelphia composer and multi-instrumentalist Patkus. >>
New music Gillbanks - Anxious? Rough guitars, dirty howling vocals, crunching percussion and some well timed loud/quiet/loud make Anxious? the kind of track that you could easily find yourself sticking on repeat and forgetting everything else. >>
New music I, Us, & We - Lanterns Lanterns is another atmospheric creeper underpinned by warm electronica and terrific production, from the forthcoming Mono EP. >>
New music Language of Shapes - Stitches Ever since Peter Buck picked one up and turned me on to R.E.M. mandolins have had a special allure, but that only partly explains why Stitches made me sit up and pay attention. >>
New Music Aves - For Me Check out the debut release from AVES: mellow and promising. >>
Musical Advent The Frank and Walters - Song For A Future Love What a beautiful way to end the musical advent calendar of mystery... >>
Musical Advent Jim Bob - The Ghost of Christmas Boring Share
Sounds of 2014 Stereo Off - Photographs Photographs is the perfect antidote to the bloated and over-emoted mega-success stories of the last couple of years. >>
New music Futsu - Mechanical Bride There's a lot to like about Mechanical Bride, the new song from Futsu: the twin vocals; the organ bubbling gently or loudly at all the right times; the, ah, interesting and colourful video. These are all just appetisers to the main dish, however - just feast on that bassline in the chorus, because that is some tasty bass right there alright. >>
Album review Crocodile - Crocodile Vs. The Mutant Alligators From Space Crocodile Vs. The Mutant Alligators From Space is a five-track EP full of great melodies, often backed with equally great harmonies, played with energy and verve. >>
Album review Foreign Shores - Alone in Time Alone in Time is the second album from Chicago-based band Foreign Shores. Recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Nick Reuille, it's a beautiful mix of the best of the band's shoegazing and dream pop influences, but at the same time very much their own creation. >>
New music Neighbour - Taste Me Taste Me is the new track from Kettering Britpoppists and dreamy-sound makers Neighbour. Its breathy vocals and an easy vibe that's somewhere between baggy and Britpop give it an early 90s reviving feel. >>
New music Shakes - Life is a Fiction Describing themselves as what happens "when Ghinzu hangs out with Goose", Belgian duo Shakes have got a slinky electro thing going on their debut song Life is a Fiction. Remixes and more songs have been teased... >>
New music Hunck - Something Missing Something Missing's sad, lonely guitars and melancholy lyric are just right for when you want to capture that feeling of alienation and a sense that all is not quite well >>
Album review Hold/Transfer - Hold/Transfer Over the course of its 13 tracks, Hold/Transfer navigates a path through shoegaze, dream pop and a whole field of beautiful textures; if this is the noise Bono doesn't want to have to push through, maybe he's right to be worried. >>
New music The Jacarandas - Watergun Watergun, the debut single from Birmingham-based band The Jacarandas, is a delightful moment of indie-pop jangle that occupies space somewhere between the heady 80s indie-pop days and the sounds of the 60s that informed that era's slice of joyful naivety. >>
New music Dark Train - Jekyll & Hyde I don't usually post two tracks by the same group in such a short time, but no sooner had I posted Sing To You than Dark Train pulled it back from Soundcloud. But fear not, because they've uploaded Jekyll & Hyde in its place. And it's just as excellent. >>
New music Black Rivers - Voyager 1 Voyager 1 is the first official single from Black Rivers, out later this month. Bask in its incessant groove, and marvel at yet another Doves-related creation. >>
Album review Sales - Sales EP The Sales EP is a six-track EP from minimalist guitar pop duo Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. It contains one new track, four songs that the band have previously released as singles, and a remix from fellow Orlando musician XXYYXX. >>
New music Dark Train - Sing to You In their sunny south cast hideaway, Lauren Bateman and Marcel Ino combine their respective backgrounds in dance and post-punk and a mutual love of analog synths to produce deliciously moody sounds that are equal parts sinister and intriguing. >>
New music Lanks - Brave Man Brave Man's glitchy Radiohead-esque beats, electronic pulse and rich harmonies are currently streaming on Soundcloud, and if you get there early enough you can even download the track for free. >>
New music Alex Feder - Moments of Silence There once was a time when I would have worried that Moments of Silence, the new track from Alex Feder, sounded a bit like, I don't know, like pop music I suppose. As the raven quoth: "no more!" >>
New video Tara Rice - No Harm No Harm is taken from the recently released EP Panorama by Canadian singer/songwriter Tara Rice. With hints of PJ Harvey, its gothic pagan shadows contain a sinister yet beguiling darkness. >>
RRP Recommends The Persian Leaps - Pretty Boy As melodic indie rock goes, Pretty Boy is up there with the best of them. At just over two minutes long it's a superbly executed slice of noise-pop that sets itself up, sprays hooks all over the place, and leaves you wanting more of the same. >>
New music Everything by Electricity - Abyss Abyss is the new track from London three-piece Everything by Electricity. It starts off atmospheric, dreamy. It ends atmospheric, dreamy, in synth and reverb floating in a sea of beats. >>
New music Polarsets - Parasols Like Madrid before it, Parasols is a ray of sunlight on an already sunny day, this time with the added pleasure-sensation that is the 80s power synth. >>
New video Black Rivers - The Ship By my count Black River is the third offshoot from Doves, after Rebelski and Jimi Goodwin's solo releases in 2014. With Goodwin off doing his thing, brothers Jez and Andy Williams have not been sitting back and resting on Doves' considerable laurels, instead forming Black Rivers together. >>
New music Polarsets - Madrid Polarsets' new single Madrid may have an urban name, but it puts you in mind of anywhere that might serve you a cool cocktail on the beach. >>
New music Shura - Just Once Just Once mines a seam of sweet synth sounds, suffused in a soft-focus spotlight, and throws in a lyric that punches harder than you might expect. >>
Track of the Day Femme - Fever Boy Share Following on from "Touch" yesterday, today's "In Case You Missed It" pick comes from another artists chosen by a big-blog-cheese. This time the selection comes from Sean Adams, of … >>
New music The Hours - Steady Glazed Eyes Share Sometimes when you get a tweet out of the blue from someone you don't know it's auto-generated hip-hop spam, sometimes it's a tweet about a song you were already … >>
New music Eternally Dizzy - People Walking Share Eternally Dizzy are a new band out of Columbus, Ohio, consisting of frontman Andre' Vanderpool, Joe Camerlengo on bass and Jeremy Skeen hammering away pretty hard on drums. And … >>
Album review Empathy Test - Losing Touch EP Share Empathy Test are two lifelong friends - singer and songwriter Isaac Howlett, and digital composer Adam Relf. United by a love of Science Fiction, together they've created an EP … >>
News Mumm-Ra - Lizzy Lu Share When I wrote about Mumm-Ra's fabulous track She's Got You High last summer I mentioned that the band were recording again, having split up after releasing just a single … >>
News Ski Lodge - Our Love is Over Now Listening to the new single from Ski Lodge for the first time, I didn't immediately think of The Smiths; the connections just sort of crept up on me, leaving me no choice but to accept them. >>
Track of the Day Highspire - Dusted Share They've covered Slowdive, and there's more than a hint of classic Ride (who they've also covered) in Alex White's vocals, harmonies and drums, so there's no denying Highspire's shoegazing … >>
News Pixies - Blue Eyed Hexe Share Some people really need to calm down a little and give themselves a moment to get over what they perceive to be the auto-destruction of the Pixies' legacy. Once … >>