Year: 1996

Track of the Day Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground Share In the wake of Portishead and the Bristol sound came a new wave of post-trip hop artists, expanding the genre into newer areas, whether it wanted to go there … >>
Album review The Auteurs - After Murder Park Share After the relative failure of Now I’m A Cowboy, and the irrepressible surge of Britpop, it’s tempting to describe After Murder Park as more of the same, only more … >>
Album review The Divine Comedy - Casanova It’s tempting to see Casanova as nothing more than Neil Hannon’s cheeky-chappy coming out album. The truth, as ever, feels not quite as simple as that. >>
Track of the Day Beck - Devil’s Haircut Share Bender, when I'm upset, I write a song about it. Like when I wrote Devil's Haircut I was feeling really... really... what's that song about? It'a a good question. … >>
Track of the Day E-Bow the Letter R.E.M - E-Bow the Letter Share Recorded initially during their 1995 tour, as members of the band were falling apart in very real and physical ways (only Peter Buck made it through unscathed), New Adventures … >>
Track of the Day Ash - Goldfinger Share It's Tim Wheeler's favourite Ash song, lyrically and musically, and who am I to disagree? "Goldfinger" is classic quiet/LOUD, driven by some furious pounding and heavy chords.
Track of the Day Eggman - I’ll Watch Your Back Share Something of a curiosity this. Alan McGee, sitting on huge piles of cash at Creation Records HQ, seems to have been pretty open to solo projects from artists on … >>
Track of the Day Dodgy - In a Room Share Unlike Supergrass (see yesterday’s track) Dodgy were never quite able to discard the off-the-wall approach of The Dodgy Album and move into more serious territory with later albums. That … >>
Track of the Day The Frank and Walters - Indian Ocean Share Perhaps mistaking The Frank and Walters for a one album novelty act, the world paid only a little attention to Grand Parade on its release in 1996. Three years … >>
Track of the Day My Lovely Horse Father Ted Crilly and Father Dougal McGuire - My Lovely Horse Share Not merely one of the best songs written with Eurovision in mind, but one of the best songs ever written, and the kind of song that requires only the … >>
Album review R.E.M. - New Adventures in Hi-Fi Share After the fairly uncompromising rock of Monster, on their 1996 album New Adventures in Hi-Fi R.E.M. recaptured some of the variety and creativity of earlier albums. Largely recorded on … >>
Track of the Day Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Patio Song Share The lovely Patio Song, from the lovely Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, from their album "Barafundle", named after a bay in south Wales. I was there last month, and guess what? … >>