Year: 2000

Album review Teenage Fanclub - Howdy! Familiarising myself with Howdy! once again I feel like perhaps I judged it too harshly on its release. Listening now it feels fresher and more intriguing than I thought at the time. >>
Track of the Day King Biscuit Time - I Walk The Earth Share Hey, it's that Steve Mason again, in transition between life in The Beta Band, and life as a solo artist recording under his own name. Musically, this is more … >>
Track of the Day Aimee Mann - Red Vines Share Talk about kicking someone when they’re down: not only did Aimee Mann lose out on a "Best Original Song" Oscar to Phil Collins - her song "Save Me" from … >>
Track of the Day Elliott Smith - Son of Sam Share What is there to feel, listening to Elliott Smith now, other than sadness at the tragedy of a life cut short? From his early scratchy recordings, all the way … >>
Track of the Day Belle & Sebastian - There’s Too Much Love Share He can deny it all he wants here, but you know deep down that Stuart Murdoch really does want to dance all night like he's a soul boy. Why … >>
Track of the Day Lambchop - Up With People Share We all have songs that we can relate to very specific events, moods or people. Who among us can think of D:Ream without being reminded of the optimism of … >>
Tracks of my years Coldplay - Yellow There are no guilty pleasures: only pleasures. Yellow is one of them. >>