Year: 2015

New music Absofacto – Dissolve Dissolve, released last week by Absofacto, is a tale of the joy and sorrow, the pleasure and pain of love. It's the truth and the cliché, the knowledge that to win a heart you have to risk losing your own, and the intense desire to go through with it anyway. >>
New music Acre Tarn – Dawn Faces Dawn Faces is a scintillating brand new track from Acre Tarn, the electronic music project of Anna-Louisa Etherington, a singer/producer originally from the Lake District. >>
RRP Recommends Acre Tarn – Flex Acre Tarn is the electronic music project of Anna-Louisa Etherington, a singer/producer originally from the Lake District. Flex is the first track from Acre Tarn's forthcoming second EP. It's as stunning as this text so far is dry and factual. >>
RRP Recommends Active Bird Community – Pick Me Apart Pick Me Apart is the first single from the new album by the excellently named NYC rock band Active Bird Community. It's so catchy we'd give it a super-recommend if we had such a thing. >>
New music Active Child – 1999 The first fruit of an album written almost entirely on harp and piano, 1999 is a track nostalgic for past love, and affectingly beautiful with it. It probably won't be the only soulful piano-led lament and gorgeous falsetto you hear this year, but it will undoubtedly be one of the best. >>
RRP Recommends Agarimo – On a Cycle Share What do you get if you combine Galicia and Bristol? Award yourself a gold star if your answer mentioned forceful, driving indie-rock with an electronic flourish and intensity levels … >>
New music Alanna Clarke – Linger Linger is built around a top notch chorus that explodes into being with a few simple strong notes that sound like they want to echo round the room forever. >>
New music Alberteen – We Are The Mods Alberteen are back with We Are The Mods, a new single from their forthcoming second album Miss World. It sounds like it ought to be about the 1964 clashes between mods and rockers down in Margate, but really it's a thrusting, cocky, three and a half minute statement of intent inspired by the Modernists. >>
New music Allies For Everyone – Bunker Bunker will make you want to be out on the floor, yet somehow drifting into relaxed reverie at the same time. >>
New music Alma Elste – Virtualism Alma Elste: Paris, 22. Virtualism: Synth, crescendo, yes! All you need to know, frankly. >>
RRP Recommends Aloric – Who? Who?, the new single from Aloric, more or less defyies easy categorisation or explanation. It begins in an almighty, rumbling maelstrom, before the clouds part and an angelic falsetto breaks through >>
New music Alvvays – Adult Diversion Listen and close your eyes. If you were to try to imagine the video for this song, it would be a hazy summer’s day, the beach maybe, a picnic perhaps, delivered via grainy, retro, filtered footage >>