Year: 2015

Album review Ryan Adams - 1989 I wasn't even sure I was going to review 1989. Having originally written my copy in the style of Paul Morley channeling Lester Bangs, I was on the verge of hitting the big red 'Publish' button when Father John Misty appeared in a vision before me... >>
New music Active Child - 1999 The first fruit of an album written almost entirely on harp and piano, 1999 is a track nostalgic for past love, and affectingly beautiful with it. It probably won't be the only soulful piano-led lament and gorgeous falsetto you hear this year, but it will undoubtedly be one of the best. >>
Album review Big Data - 2.0 Big Data, an all-star collaborative electronic music project helmed by producer Alan Wilkis, uses flashy electronics with a dark thematic tone. Big Data portrays a world of paranoia, and 2.0 is its first full length release; does the music live up to the concept? >>
RRP Recommends Turin Brakes - 96 There was much excitement last week among Turin Brakes fans, when the band dropped a teaser video online with the hashtag #TBLostProperty. Then, this week, they announced a new album, Lost Property, and a new single, 96. >>
New music Alvvays - Adult Diversion Listen and close your eyes. If you were to try to imagine the video for this song, it would be a hazy summer’s day, the beach maybe, a picnic perhaps, delivered via grainy, retro, filtered footage >>
New music Pearl and the Beard - Again Animal Again Animal is the new single from Pearl and the Beard. With it, the Brooklyn trio have conjured up a track with folk underpinnings but which explodes with fierce energy every chance it gets. >>
New music FMLYBND - Air Rays of light burst through Air's surface, shafts of pure synth reaching for the skies, eliminating any sense of claustrophobia despite the layers of sound and the urgent lyrics. >>
RRP Recommends Nevski - Alligator Nevski are a French quartet who cite Belle and Sebastian among their influences: Alligator is a joyfully playful piece of indie-pop. >>
New music Twinsmith - Alligator Years Alligator Years is the title track from Twinsmith's second album, soon to be released by Saddle Creek. Its playful keyboard-led vibe wants to invite you in, practically slapping you on the back in encouragement. >>
New music Harriet Little - America Recorded in one take, with a tender intimacy, the occasional instrumental creaks that frame America could equally be the sound of a heart breaking, over and over. >>
Album review Purity Ring - another eternity Share Formed in 2010, Purity Ring are a Canadian duo that uses electronic beats and exceptional lyrics that fit right in with other synth pop acts such as Goldfrapp, Grimes … >>
New music Gillbanks - Anxious? Rough guitars, dirty howling vocals, crunching percussion and some well timed loud/quiet/loud make Anxious? the kind of track that you could easily find yourself sticking on repeat and forgetting everything else. >>